4 Rules to Get Away with Wearing Joggers Instead of Jeans

The freedom and comfort of wearing joggers are unmatched by any other garment, but sadly they as seen as a very casual, lazy look.

Wearing joggers

Joggers are the common pants you’d wear to shop, lounge around the house, or go to the gym. In recent years, they have become a big influence in men’s streetwear clothing. There are some rules to abide by whilst going for the streetwear style. It’s not a case of putting on an oversized pair of joggers in grey marl and calling it style. When buying your next pair of joggers here’s what you should consider.

The Fit

It’s almost a guarantee that everyone has a baggy pair of joggers waiting at home for them, but to pull off wearing joggers instead of jeans you’ll have to find a fitted pair. There are several options when shopping around, but just looking for a tapered fit will naturally make the joggers look more intentional and made for a purpose. Tapered fit is normally fitted around the lower leg but offers regular comfort from the knee above, other options to look at depending on your size would be skinny and drop crotch, at this point, its personal preference.


The Colour

It goes without saying that to keep your jogger’s subtle, darker colours are the best option. Black, khaki and navy are the best bets and are easier to match up to other garments, but we’ll come onto that. Wearing a pair of fitted black joggers can be mistaken for black jeans depending on if you’ve opted to go for a cuffed pair around the ankle and how large the branding is. If you do want to go for a pair that stands out, camouflage joggers a current trend and can be bought in dark patterns if you not feeling too audacious.

Tops and Trainers

There’s a lot of creative licence with both tops and trainers if you’ve bought a good pair of joggers. If your big on trainers and have an iconic collection, cuffed joggers are usually a better choice. Trainers take the attention away from darker joggers and the joggers help to make the trainers stand out more so than jeans. The same concept can be done with t-shirts, going for a well-designed tee makes it stand out more with darker joggers on. Or if you’re thinking about joggers with a pattern on them, a plain top will help make them stand out. For the streetwear look, having the matching fitted hoody will give the look an intentional style or if one isn’t available, a lighter denim jacket will complement the look.



You’ll probably know what materials you like when you see them, but usually a fleece material is a safe option. With fleece, they offer comfort, stretch and keep their shape well after washes. Nylon is another option, they tend to be a slightly shinier material with a smoother feel. Tech fleece joggers are a perfect style to look out for, both Nike and Adidas offer popular pairs that a durable for sports use, but are defiantly made with the idea of streetwear in mind, though, they do tend to be a price bracket up.

I wouldn’t start binning your jeans sadly as there’s no good way to match joggers with shoes… yet! but finding the right pair of jogger will give you a better look daily.

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