Top 5 Men’s Ski Styles For 2016

men's ski styles

You probably thought you were limited to oversized ski suits and clunky boots when it came to men’s ski styles – but you’d be wrong. These days it’s easier than ever to create ski looks that tap into what’s fashionable, by including on trend pieces with traditional skiwear.

If you’re wondering what the world of skiwear has in store for you guys in 2016, here are the top five things to include when buying for your next trip to the Alps:

  1. Camo print

Taking inspiration from Superdry’s new Snow range, camo print skiwear is going to be popular and isn’t as hideous as it sounds on paper. While we don’t advise rubbing green and brown face paint on yourself to blend in with your clothing – mainly because you’ll look insane – you need to get your hands on a snow jacket and trousers in this print.

  1. Snood

Is it a hood? Is it a scarf? Is it a plane? No, it’s a snood and it doubles up as both (not the plane, sorry). Perfect for keeping your neck warm while on that ski lift ticking up the side of the mountain and even better to pull over your head when it starts to snow, the snood is the top accessory for men’s skiwear in 2016. Put down the beanie, step away from the scarf and embrace something that all men supposedly love – multi functionality.

  1. Multiple layers

Womenswear is enjoying layering this winter and menswear isn’t far behind. Fashionable and warm, it’s the perfect way of pulling together your favourite stylish winter pieces and looking good on the slopes.

A puffed insulator ski coat, pulled on over a breathable hooded jacket and finished off with a layer of thermal wear underneath, is ski style defined for 2016. Make yours even more fashionable with a checked hooded jacket as your second layer and a roll neck thermal underneath.

  1. Get technical

Not to sound sexist, but most men enjoy a good gadget and for 2016 skiwear is embracing this concept with styles that feature innovative tech to improve the wearer’s experience.

You can pick up gloves with in built heating mechanisms to keep your digits toasty or a pair of high tech tights that support your leg muscles and knees to reduce the risk of injury. Skiwear for 2016 allows you to embrace your love of tech and provides you with pieces you’ll actually want to show off to your mates.

  1. Hiking up

When you’re not donning your ski boots out on the fresh powder you’ll need something fashionable but stable when you make your way back to your chalet or hotel.

Boot design is currently strong in the menswear department with waterproof, lace up styles taking the lead that can be worn with jeans and a knitted jumper for casual but cool evening drinking attire, in the nearest bar. Opt for a decent pair that will last you for a few more skiing holidays to come.

When it comes to men’s ski styles for 2016 check out what is popular on the high street or GQ and tailor your outdoor wear to replicate these trends. Skiwear isn’t designed to tick all the current trends just yet, but instead it is more practical, so it’s all about how you style it that depends on the final desired look.

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