The Good Guy Focuses On These 7 Things

the good guy focuses on these 7 things

In this ADHD-driven society, focusing on negative things portrayed in music, TV, movies, or any form of media can take a toll. Reading negative news over time gives me anxiety. As much as I like being informed, I would trade in the news to have a healthy mindset void of anxiety or depression. Take control of your thoughts, and you will take control of your life. What you think about is what you become.

Have you ever been around someone who sucks the life out of you? There’s a good chance they focus on negative things, so they end up being negative. That’s an easy example of how our thinking affects us. Today, though, I was flipping through Instagram and took a moment to write a teasing jab under one of my friend’s pics. Not to get too extreme here because I love joking back and forth with my friends, but something hit me, why have I never written an encouraging comment?

The way we act usually follows our thoughts. Every once in awhile, you catch someone slipping. It comes out of left field. Have you ever seen someone do something completely out of character? It wasn’t really out of character, though, because it was an act that came through a thought process. It’s why you should always pay attention to red flags.

If your thoughts go before your actions, why not focus on good things to produce good actions? The good guy focuses on these 7 things:

1. Truth: You won’t see a good guy wearing a false identity. He just isn’t hypocritical, a liar, or a player. There’s no authenticity or truth in hiding behind a mask. More importantly, the good guy understands the good truth about himself. No one can sway a man’s confidence or attention when he understands, focuses on, and is rooted in that good truth. That truth operates outside of external circumstances. He’s not afraid to set the truth straight when the moment arises, and he is true to his commitments as well. A good guy is not flaky.

2. Justice: A good guy understands what’s right and what’s wrong. He treats everyone with equal importance, and he’s a hero to the underdogs. Bullying isn’t going to happen in his presence. His mind is set on making this world a better place, so you’ll see many good guys getting involved in social justice issues too. When it comes to business dealings, you can take him on his word. You won’t hear of a good guy screwing over anyone.

3. Integrity: When he sets his mind on pure motives, you’ll see no one operate in integrity better than the good guy. His mind is set on the future, so a good guy isn’t the type of guy you’ll see trolling a bar late at night for the express purpose of getting laid. His mind is set on his wife or future wife, so he acts with respect.

4. Love: He focuses on love, but not just love in a romantic sense; a love and respect for the people he encounters on a day-to-day basis. People feel accepted by the good guy. His focus is usually on loving people first and foremost, so he’s not quick to judge. He has a lot of grace for people. Love leads people to change, so his tolerance and kindness towards others is revolutionary.

5. Good Reputation: The good guy isn’t a people pleaser, but lives his life in such a way that he is above reproach. His actions are such that everyone recognizes them as good and beneficial, so he focuses on harmony instead of trying to be divisive or controversial. People don’t describe him as a troublemaker or argumentative. The good guy has a good name among all men.

6. Excellence: The mind of a good guy is focused on achieving great things. He’s successful at work because he doesn’t settle in mediocrity. Every output and action that comes from the good guy is excellent because that’s what his mind is focused on.

7. Recognizing others: The good guy isn’t focused on his ego, so he can celebrate and honor others when they have success. He doesn’t withhold praise, but heaps on the recognition. He lives by the code of recognizing others in public, and if he’s critical, it will happen in private.

“Sometimes,” said Winnie the Pooh, “the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.” Something so small as a thought can take up a lot of room within, so why not root your thoughts in good things; valuable thoughts that will positively impact your own life and the people around? If we just take our thoughts captive fellow men, we can change our lives and we can change the world we live in.

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