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lead with vulnerability

The Best Leaders Lead With Vulnerability

For the longest time, I felt like I needed to present myself in a certain way in order to be a leader. However, the best leaders lead with vulnerability. Leaders aren’t perfect. A review of US Presidents, between 1776 and 1974 suggests almost half of them suffered from mental illnesses. Whether or not Abraham Lincoln […]

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3 Necessary Characteristics of a Timeless Leader

Since 2004 I’ve been undeservedly graced with the opportunity to meet and connect with many leaders, both in business and in the church. From mega church pastors, church planters, business leaders, authors, speakers, writers, bloggers (yes, there is a difference), and cultural influencers shaping the language and conversation we find ourselves in today…the lessons and […]

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the good guy wins the girl

6 Reasons Why The Good Guy Wins The Girl

Remember when the Christian Bale Batman franchise came to theaters? Many stories and blogs stated Superman had become irrelevant. He was un-relatable and too perfect. Audiences preferred the angst, the unresolved torture, and the heaviness of  The Dark Knight. Both of these superheroes are good. But, a major difference exists between their everyday counterparts. Clark […]

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