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9 Ways to Give and Get Respect

It’s always a highlight of my day when someone tells me I did a good job or that I’m great at something (especially at the gym). It’s validation and appreciation for something I’ve done. It’s a sign of respect. And at the end of the day, most guys are looking to be respected, whether it’s […]

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Gentlemanly Resolutions 2015

22 Gentlemanly Resolutions for 2015

As I reflect on 2014, I’ve been thinking about what I need to reach for as a man, and I’ve also considered what I’ve been seeing through writing on this site, and what I’ve gleaned from the men’s groups I lead. Making a gentlemanly resolution is providing an answer to a problem or conflict, but […]

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The 10 Unbeatable Ways A Good Guy Leads

Everyone admires a leader. Men were created to lead, and I’m not talking about leading in an authoritative, douchey way. I’m not talking about the alpha-male way either. Whether you consider yourself a leader or not, every guy has a leader within. It just takes a little confidence, consistent development of character and sharp situational awareness to bring it out. Men […]

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