Seventies Suede Chelsea Boots Are Back

suede chelsea boots

This past March, the New York Times declared The 70’s Are Back in Fashion. Again. While this was reflected in women’s fashion, it was only a matter of time before the waves changed men’s style. With the arrival of Star Wars Episode VII, every guy might find some interest in the fact the original Storm Troopers wore Chelsea boots.

In case you’re wondering what Chelsea boots are, they are ankle high boots, no zippers, no laces, just some elastic on the sides and a loop to pull them on in the back.

beatles chelsea boots

The Beatles and the Rolling Stones often sported them. More recently, Kanya West has been a fan.

While Chelsea boots come in a range of styles and materials, I favor the dark brown suede design. You can find similar designs of the boot at three different price points from three different designers: H&M ($99), Jack Erwin ($220), or Ralph Lauren ($995).

I chose the Jack Erwin design. If I’m going to pay $100 for a pair of H&M boots, I figure I’ll get the quality suede that will last.

I’ve always liked Chelsea boots. They are comfortable and versatile. To demonstrate the versatility of the boot, I documented my experience at several holiday events.

1. Ugly Sweater Christmas Party:

Only in LA will you find a make-shift woodshed at a hipster bar in the middle of downtown. However, the Chelsea boots were perfect for comfort while standing around. Even with an ugly sweater, your shoes can be on-point.

Ugly sweater Chelsea boots

2. Company Holiday Party

If the Beatles wore Chelsea boots with suits, why not? They are more comfortable than the typical dress shoe, and you feel like a bit of a rock star. I wore mine with slim fit suit.

Chelsea boots with suit

3. Gift exchange

The great thing about Chelsea boots is they are  easy to put on in a rush, and they have a simple design you can wear with anything. For my gift exchange with Kristen, I wore them with slim fit jeans and a button-up.

Chelsea boot park

If you choose to get your own pair, GQ recommends wearing slim pants. “With slim pants pretty much everywhere, the focus on your shoes has become increasingly important—the perfect opportunity for a kickass boot. If you’re going with jeans, give them a little stack around the ankle, and if you’re going with a suit (yes, you totally can) just make sure the neck of the boot is covered.”

Seventies style may be back, but that doesn’t mean classy is pardoned. Chelsea boots have a timeless look for any age,

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  1. Carmine May 13, 2017 at 3:21 pm #

    I’m very happy they came back, they have a wonderful place in modern style.

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