7 Romantic DIYs Every Guy Should Try for his Girlfriend

Romantic DIYs

7 Romantic DIYs Every Guy Should Try for His Girlfriend

Do you want to impress your girlfriend with a unique gesture? Then you need to come up with something original that will leave her speechless. Romantic handmade gifts are a great way to show your feelings and win her over. Here are some easy to make romantic DIYs every guy should try for his girlfriend.

Custom Bracelet or Necklace

You don’t have to be talented or too handy to craft this simple DIY.

  • take a piece of thin leather lace and cut it to the right size depending on what object you want to make.
  • from another piece of leather or other material (i.e. silk, cotton) cut a small heart and make two close parallel holes in it.
  • pass the lace through the two holes, and there you have it; a handmade surprise you can build in less than 10 minutes.

Twin Pillows with the Two of You

This is on one of the best DIY romantic ideas that will impress her. You don’t even have to struggle too much to get this done.

  • search through your bedroom and see if you have two identical pillows your girlfriend would use
  • buy a pair of suitable white pillow cases
  • browse through your photo gallery and chose one of the best shots picturing the two of you
  • find a place where you can print the images on the pillow cases
  • surprise her with this original gift as soon as she comes home

Love Message in a Bottle

This simple but effective trick is one of those ways to win a girl’s heart. It’s exactly what you’re thinking about:

  • look for a fancy glass bottle you no longer use, wash it and leave it do dry
  • in the meanwhile, get a pen and a paper, gather all your strengths and write her a special love message that will blow her mind
  • place the paper in the bottle and put it somewhere you’re sure she’ll find it
  • wait for her reaction

Romantic Jar Vase

If you’re the type of guy who gives flowers, you might as well offer her a handmade vase. With a little bit of imagination, it’s quite easy to craft one:

  • get a larger jar where you can fit in a bunch of flowers
  • wash it thoroughly and then start decorating it: you can either draw some funny shapes with colored markers, write a message or some lyrics on it, paint it, or put lots of sticker on it.

No matter what you do she’ll love it just because you made it with your own hands.

DIY Coasters with Feeling

This is a practical gift many girlfriends would enjoy. Besides, each time she’ll drink a cup of coffee or tea she’ll think of you.

  • you can craft her some coasters using a resistant piece of board; cut it into equal circles, and paint them on one side.
  • When it’s done add some love words on each one of them with a black marker.

Romantic Rocks as Decoration

This simple DIY is a cheap and original way to treat your lady without breaking the bank.

  • go outside and search for some flat stones with fine surface
  • wash them and leave them to dry
  • when they’re dry start painting them on both faces, use whatever colors she likes, draw hearts, stars, or write words on them.
  • The result should be an aesthetic and funny gift she can decorate the house with

Handmade Bookmarks

If your girlfriend loves books, this is a chance to impress her with an object she’ll always have near.

DIY bookmarks are versatile and easy to make:

  • you can simply use a piece of board, and some watercolors to personalize it
  • a fancier option is cutting a piece of leather and engrave a romantic message on it

If you found these romantic DIYs appealing, start building something unique for your partner. You probably can’t wait to see her reaction when she’ll see your homemade love symbol.

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