Push Gifts: A Guy’s Guide to Buying a Pregnancy Present

I didn’t know ANYTHING about push gifts. When I asked my gym buddies, they just blankly stared and didn’t know either. But somehow celebrities know. Kanye gave Kim K a Bentley and Corey Hart gave Pink a Harley. This isn’t helpful for a normal good guy with an average income. So, I assembled a guy’s guide to buying a pregnancy present.

push gifts

So what are push gifts anyhow?

Are they some kind of incentive? Is it something you dangle in front of your wife when she goes into labor? And you hand it over when the baby comes out?

Push gifts are more like an acknowledgement. My wife officially carried another life within her for 10 months. Did she experience hormonal swings? Uh-huh. She endured baby ninja kicks to her ribs, gained weight, persevered through uncomfortable nights of sleeplessness, and came out strong, even after lurching morning sickness.

Much happened before labor began. But nothing could have prepared either of us for labor. The amount of pain I saw on my wife’s face…I’d give her anything to take that away.

Thoughtful push gifts are just one thing you can do for her. If you can’t give her a Harley or a Bentley, I have a few suggestions that will brighten her labor and pregnancy.

1. Birthstone Ring

Last week I outlined the history of the birthstone. For Kristen’s push present, I got her Alexandrite (one of the birthstone choices for June). Working with Peter from Intagems, we designed a ring to embody some of the qualities we think we’ll see within our daughter.

Alexandrite stones change colors in certain lights. It can appear emerald in daylight, but will change to a purplish, red color in incandescent light. The stone I got for Kristen is mostly blue-green and I believe our daughter’s eyes will be the same. We designed the ring band to represent her future blonde braids.

This ring carries great meaning. I hope to give this to our daughter one day as a purity ring. After all, I want to be the first man to give her jewelry!

2. Photo Album Book

Throughout Kristen’s pregnancy I took her out to do photo shoots. Some of our amazingly talented photographer friends (Leah Gunn Emerick and Chad Grittman) also took some captivating photos:

I compiled the photos and ordered a photo album book. Want to take it next level? I created a story with the photos we can read to our daughter.

3. Massages/Spa Days

I have a newfound respect for moms. I feel like movies don’t give labor enough justice. Hollywood gives us Knocked Up, but it’s more like Passion of the Christ. The pain my wife had to withstand made me realize I can never complain about leg day at the gym again.

Even before labor and birth, my wife walked at least 7 miles a day. I massaged her feet many of those nights. All this to say, my wife deserves to be pampered. She deserves massages and spa days. Some spa chains offer monthly memberships and this can be a great push gift.

4. Love Vouchers

Push gifts doesn’t have to carry monetary value. Sometimes all she needs is your support. One of my Facebook friends presented the idea of vouchers. Present her with a booklet of them. Some ideas:

  • “Good for one week of waking up in the middle of the night.”
  • “Good for one breakfast in bed.”
  • “Good for 3 diaper changes.”

5. Babymoon

A babymoon is a trip a couple takes before the baby is born. Her stage of pregnancy may dictate where you can take her. A spa and resort to an exotic island or even a staycation make great choices. Kristen got a prenatal massage from the SLS hotel spa, Ciel.

6. Meal Delivery Service

Before our baby came, a lot of friends discussed putting together a “meal train” where food is delivered every day. Originally my wife and I thought we wouldn’t need this. But when the baby came, every ounce of focus and attention went towards her. So when Kristen’s friend, Shandi, came yesterday and brought some Thai food, we were incredibly grateful.

A great push present could be a meal delivery service. Many of these meals are prepared by nutritionists, chefs, and health/fitness experts. She will love this gift, especially if she wants to get rid of some of her pregnancy weight.

7. Shopping Spree

One of Kristen’s best friends, Raquel, said her husband took her to an athletic wear store after she gave birth. Word of caution: this was by her request. Unprompted, you might find yourself in hot water! But almost every girl will be surprised in a good way by a new dress.

8. Charm Bracelet

It can be a gift that keeps giving. One wife I spoke to really loves her charm bracelet. Her husband buys a new charm when they have another child or with each special occasion. She stated, “It’s like my life’s journey on my wrist…”

9. Your Presence

More important than all of these other push gifts put together is your presence. Hold her hand as she begins this journey. Be there for her as you welcome your new child and beyond. The presence of a father cannot be understated. Absent fathers may be the root of societies problems, but the hope of tomorrow is within a new generation of active and involved gentlemen and dads.

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