Prophet, Priest, King: Becoming a Better Man in 2017

Prophet, Priest, King: Becoming a Better Man in 2017Prophet, priest, king

In 1997 (20 years ago), I was elected president of my college fraternity. Holding down that position was a handful. I didn’t have room in my life for another position, let alone two.

Munus triplex, or the threefold office, are most notably represented through the ministry of Jesus.

Prophet, Priest, King…three positions held by one man.

This may seem impossible, but breaking the four-minute mile seemed impossible as well. Once one man attains an ideal, he gives us something to shoot for. In this case, by reading this article, the aim is to be a better man (or woman). We’ll discuss some ideals of the Prophet, Priest, and King you can target in 2017.


A prophet is one who hears from God and speaks it to others.

In the Old Testament a prophet proclaimed truths and revelations, often at the expense of their reputations. Many prophets lost their lives for boldly voicing the truth.

In the New Testament, using the gift of prophecy “strengthens others, encourages them, and comforts them” (1 Corinthians‬ ‭14:3‬ ‭NLT‬‬)

For 2017 make it your goal to be a messenger of God. Listen. Be bold and courageous. Don’t be afraid to share the truth, but weigh it carefully. The goal is to strengthen, encourage, and comfort others.


A priest mediates on behalf of others. He prays for, serves, and blesses others. He also grows through spending time alone with God.

He’s a conduit for transformation, both within himself and as a guider for others.

For 2017, perhaps you can pray for a few more people. We’re accustomed to praying for our family, friends, and loved ones, but what if you took a few moments each day to pray for your enemies? What might change in 2017 if you began praying for your micro-manager boss, your bullies at school, or the friend who consistently talks behind your back?

I had a couple of friends who recently called me and asked, “How can I help you in 2017?” I can’t even tell you how great that felt. It encouraged me to ask that same question to others.

And finally, will you commit more time to silence? Since this new year, I’ve been taking a few minutes in the middle of my work day to spend time alone with God. I’m believing this will ultimately help me be a better worker at my job.


A king protects and provides for the people he serves. He provides order and bestows identity.

As Robert Moore writes in King, Warrior, Magician, Lover, “The King archetype in its fullness possesses the qualities of order, of reasonable and rational patterning, of integration and integrity in the masculine psyche. It stabilizes chaotic emotion and out-of-control behaviors. It gives stability and centeredness. It brings calm. And in its ‘fertilizing’ and centeredness, it mediates vitality, life-force, and joy. It brings maintenance and balance.”

Being king is a hefty assignment, but we can start by providing a safe space for others. In the middle of chaos, during moments when everyone else is venting their frustration on status updates, the king remains calm. He carefully weighs his position before speaking. He pardons or forgives.

We can all be practical king and queens. We can affirm others, we can take notice of and honor those who are humble. We can promote good men and women. We can guide and nurture others to promote and expand the kingdom. We can take note of and appreciate a person’s value and worth.

The good king doesn’t envy others. He’s secure in his identity. He promotes creativity in others.

think like a prophet, serve like a priest, plan like a king

“Think like a prophet, serve like a priest, and plan like a king.” Tim Keller

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