5 Men’s Watch Brands to Reconsider

5 men's watches to reconsider

Within the last year we have seen a rise in smart technology with brands such as Apple bringing out iWatches. Whilst the advancement of wearable technology is a great move forward in the digital world, it has meant that world renowned and technically brilliant watches are being overlooked.

Smart watches are taking away the beauty and craftsmanship of a true time piece. Watches stand the test of time, but that isn’t guaranteed for smart watches since new versions will be released with emerging technologies.

To give you a refresh on some of the traditional and best watches around, we thought we’d list some stunning brands that remain relevant.

5 Watch Brands to Reconsider

U boat watch


U-Boat watches are an example of technical brilliance. A favourite at luxury watch conventions such as Baselworld, this timepiece has something for everyone, from its striking appearance to its high quality Swiss chronograph. The U-boat uses materials such as titanium, carbon, bronze, silver and ceramics in order to create some of the most visually appealing watches around. With hundreds of innovative designs, their watches scream luxury, sleek and style.

Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington

An eye-catching fashion statement, Daniel Wellington watches are a must-have. Their watches are a perfect combination of classic mixed with contemporary. Understated and subtle, the brand has dramatically increased over the last couple of years. Since its emergence it has quickly risen to the top and its design offer a minimalistic, timeless look. Wellington have also cleverly introduced interchangeable NATO straps with a thin and elegant face to produce a clean and versatile brand.

Casio retro watch


Casio has re-emerged as a great option for your wrist. A watch that has risen back to the top, its now seen a boost from the young adults of the world, re-claiming the watch as a retro throwback to the older times. Low in price but pioneers in long lasting pieces, Casio is the ‘old school’ sports watch that is perfect for day to day living. With small digital faces, its basic functions cover all of your needs whilst looking classic and cool.

Ted baker watch

Ted Baker 

This may be the strangest pick of the bunch but never the less, they should not be forgotten. Ted Baker’s classically designed watches appeal to those with a sense of style. Targeted at an older generation, they offer that bit of old school style mixed with an edge that separates them from the rest. Their quirky ranges allow one to express their individuality in the way that a true gentleman would. Fusing classic silhouettes with unique artistry, the materials and concepts are a thing of exquisiteness.

Tissot watch


Luxury and decadence never go out of style and that’s why Tissot’s need to be reconsidered. The ultimate watch that personifies “high-end, leave your smart technology to your phone or TV and allow your watch to provide that style” statement. The Tissot brand makes luxury accessible to the average person and with fantastic and imaginative designs, they never disappoint. Their technological advantages have included the world’s first non-magnetic wristwatch, the world’s first self-winding wristwatch, and even the first timepiece to include analogue and digital time. These are only a few advances that Tissot have developed and they should never be overlooked.

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