Men’s Spring/Summer 2016 Fashion Essentials

Men's spring/summer fashion essentials

With sunshine finally warming the pavement, the importance of updating your wardrobe is becoming important. It’s time to move away from thick clothing and time to move towards lightweight and muscle fitting styles. The transition doesn’t need to be drastic, but you can add a few men’s spring/summer 2016 fashion essentials so you can enjoy the sunshine in style.

A Few Fitted Shirts  

Fitted tshirt

Fitted shirts are one of, if not the most important essentials on the list. A host of sales for t-shirts will take place in the summer and it is time to take advantage of the slim and muscle fitting styles. T-shirts can give off a relaxed look and are incorporated into many designer labels 2016 fashion books. Take advantage of the wide range of colours, fittings and utilise bright colours in time for the sunshine! Take a look at Antony Morato or Ralph Lauren for the best range of t-shirts.

Grab A Bomber Jacket


Bomber jackets have become increasingly popular. They are versatile and similar to t-shirts as they are available with a host of different colours, fittings and materials. Bomber jackets are great for milder days and can add a touch of colour and style into all of your outfits. With darker outfits utilise lighter coloured bomber jackets and with lighter coloured outfits take a look towards darker coloured bomber jackets. Take a look at River Island and Topman.

The Oxford Shirt

Oxford shirt

Every morning when you look at your wardrobe, oxford shirts are one of the best things to put on, regardless of the occasion. Whether you are looking for something formal, or casual, oxford shirts can be worn with several different outfit styles. If you want to wear them with blazers, chinos or trousers, oxford shirts are ideal. If you’re struggling for ideas, Charles Tyrwhitt has some great examples.

Chinos Are Back

Men's chinos

No matter what season you are in, you’ll always need a good pair of trousers and in the summer, go for chinos. Slim chinos are an alternative to slim fitted dark or light jeans, if you want to stay away from denim. Similar to the oxford shirt, chinos offer an option for formal and casual occasions, helping you mix things up a little. Most people may not know that chinos can be worn with canvas trainers, suede and even sports trainers. Brands such as Next offer a huge selection of chinos in various colours and fittings.

Canvas Or The All White

Men's canvas shoes

Nothing says summer more than all white, or canvas trainers. White shoes should always be involved in your wardrobe and can finish off any casual outfit. Wear them with shorts, rolled up chinos, slim fitted jeans and you’ll have the same clean style. Trainers are the finishing touches to your outfit, so delve deeper and find the right pair for you. If you want something with a little luxury and style take a look at Android Homme or Topman’s.

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