The Architecture of Your Life: Make No Small Plans


A few days ago, we posted “How to Pray For Your Future Wife.”  The content was written by one of my single friends.  We intended to make the article a two-part series.  Here’s my take on praying for your future wife from a now-married man’s viewpoint.

Maybe you’re not even thinking of marriage, and that’s fine.  What I really like about my friend’s article is that he has chosen to focus his attention on his time with God, and self-improvement, instead of worrying about being single for the rest of his life.  The good guy is one who’s had enough of the random hookups, and ultimately knows he wants a committed relationship.  He doesn’t give up hope.  He chooses his steps with his future wife in mind.

It’s only appropriate that a high-rise building architect coined the term “make no small plans.”  Daniel Burnham lived in the 1800’s, and laid the plans for one of the first American skyscrapers in Chicago.  The full quote says, “Make no little plans. They have no magic to stir men’s blood and probably will not themselves be realized.”  You can credit the high-rise buildings in Chicago today to the city planning efforts by Burnham. His vision influenced other men to build greater skyscrapers that led to the creation of the Sear’s Tower.

The Sear’s Tower remains one of the tallest buildings in the world after nearly 25 years.  If you are to make no small plans, shouldn’t you design the architecture of your life on an epic scale, bigger than the Sear’s Tower?  At one point when I was discussing a girl I was pursuing, a pastor told me, “You’re aiming for a Bugatti, but you’re a Toyota.”  Ouch. Never let anyone tell you that you are less than.  Luckily, I had great friends around me who convinced me I am a Bugatti. It’s still sinking in since I’m a corn-fed guy from the Midwest.

I want to influence you as good guys to aim high, and I hope my testimony will lead you to never settling for anything less in your life.  If you think you deserve a Toyota, then that’s what you’ll get.  Change your mindset.

I’ve been married for almost three months, but I got a girl beyond what I could’ve ever imagined.  I will admit, I lost hope at one point, but I’m thankful I waited for God.  See, we can imagine our lives as the biggest skyscraper in the world, but God thinks bigger.  There’s a great Proverbs that says, “A man may make designs for his way, but the Lord is the guide of his steps.”  Make big plans, but make sure you got the big guy upstairs involved.

Good luck to all of you good guys out there.  Pray, and have great confidence in yourself.  That’s what goodguyswag means.  And keep us in the loop on any great news that might come from reading this story.

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  1. Darrell April 12, 2014 at 6:56 pm #

    That is sooo comforting to read. I am trusting God that He has better plans for my life than I can make. Eyes haven’t seen, neither have ears heard, nor has it entered the heart of man the Great Things that God has prepared.

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