5 Luxury Streetwear Brands To Follow In 2017

Because of constant changes in trends, fashion labels find it’s crucial to stay popular and in-demand as times and tastes change. However, when it comes to streetwear, because of the element of exclusivity and attitude that’s synonymous with the industry sector, it’s more difficult for these labels to balance being inclined towards new style preferences to remain significant, or remaining true to what makes people want to buy them.

Luxury Streetwear 2017

It’s evident that they are losing this battle to differentiate themselves from the likes of menswear and sportswear, with the barriers continuously breaking down between the terms. Nevertheless, now that we’re in 2017, some streetwear brands out continue to use the right formula to remain in the realms of streetwear and stay profitable. Here are our picks…

1. BOY London

Boy London

Founded by Stephanie Raynor back when streetwear was a brand new term, BOY London are still doing great things in our opinion. Adored by the underground scene and everyone else who wants to sample the attitude behind the brand, BOY London are motivated to constantly bring out brand new innovative looks, whilst keeping one foot in what they were all about at the beginning, ‘anything goes’ fashion. Whilst athleisure is currently all the rage, check out their Men’s Hoodies – the BOY Eagle Flock and the BOY quilted zip hoodie are our favourites.

2. Criminal Damage

Criminal Damage

Criminal Damage hail from East London and started making clothes in the early nineties. As soon as they got established, they have always maintained the promise of being an eclectic streetwear brand that sell outrageously cool, novel streetwear. They have a superb, extensive variety of garments, draped with tongue-in-cheek graphics, intricate prints and quality detailing.

3. Android Hommes

Android Hommes

You should definitely consider owning a pair of Android Hommes trainers in 2017 as your go-to streetwear shoes. Javier Laval’s label has never ceased to consistently bring out seriously cool styles since their inception in 2015, with superior detailing, construction and quality always being a given.

4. Scotch and Soda

Scotch and Soda

Scotch & Soda endure as a sophisticated streetwear label, being a perfect choice as a luxury brand to keep an eye on in 2017. They are forever inquisitive, always looking to develop and expand upon their existing range by finding sources of inspiration in different lands and cultures, but then merging them to form their own style.

5. Stussy


Stussy is the granddaddy of streetwear – they will always be a brand that influences other smaller labels to find their feet, setting the trend year on year. After recently collaborating with Nike, they may have even loftier ambitions in 2017.


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