Intersectionality, Racial Reconciliation, and Love Poems: Interview with Propaganda

We’ve had some amazing guests on I’ve gained so many tools in being a better man. But I learned much from today’s guest, Propaganda. We discussed some of the usual topics on relationships and love. But how do intersectionality, racial reconciliation, and being a good guy fit into the topic of relationships?


Propaganda is a spoken word artist, poet, and hip hop artist born in Los Angeles. We sat down at Catalyst West, “a leadership event series that unifies, equips, and challenges leaders who love the Church.” The theme of the conference was “Uncommon Fellowship.”


Growing up as the only black child in a primarily Mexican area, Propaganda says he learned intersectionality, or as he says, “understanding multiple spaces.” What does it mean to be marginalized? What does it meant to be multi-cultural? This shed new light for me as I’d previously discussed how eye-opening it was going from a primarily white, suburban town to living in the Virgin Islands.

These experiences helped shape him to be an advocate and a “voice for multiple voices.” As good guys, we can grow and stretch by learning about different cultures. Have you learned about a new culture lately?

Racial Reconciliation and Relationships

Propaganda meshes racial reconciliation through the lens of romantic relationships, as he’s done through 20 Years. Today he discusses the importance of truth and reconciliation. In a relationship, you can’t pretend everything’s ok without address the problem. Otherwise, as Propaganda says, reconciliation becomes “flattery.” On the other hand, you can’t dwell on truth because it becomes condemnation.

Definition of a Good Guy

Propaganda’s definition of a good guy is “one that’s willing to humble himself, not just to leverage his privilege, but to give it away. The truly powerful are willing to give away their power. GoodGuySwag: ‘God, find a way to take that power and lose it.'”

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