How to Look Modern, But Dapper

How to Look Modern, But Dapper

Contrary to popular belief, men are just as ardent to look modern and dapper as women.

As we begin to break free from many gender stereotypes, we become more receptive of each other’s daily struggles. And in a world of Kardashians and Kanye West’s, looking modern, but dapper is one of the daily struggles getting ready.

So here we are, a simple and inexpensive breakdown on how to look modern, but dapper, with extremely easy tips to follow. Whether you’re dressing up formally for the office, putting on whatever is washed and ironed for a casual meet up with friends, or carefully scanning your closet for the snazzy attire to wear to an evening date, we got your back.

The T-Shirt Swag

  T shirt swag

People are often mistaken in restricting T-shirt to lazy, Sunday lounging. As fitting as T-shirts are for lazy Sundays, they can be worn to the office as well. However, in doing so, make sure the shirt hasn’t lost it’s color or sleek fit. You can nail a casual office look flawlessly with a plain white, heather grey, or blue T-shirt topped with a black blazer or cardigan.

Particularly, Pants

You must have noticed the right pair of pants feels very much like that special girl in your life; it hugs you but doesn’t cling to you. If you are unaware of this feeling, you are doing a terrible injustice to the legacy of pants. Pants, literally, make up half of your entire outlook. Be versatile yet impeccable when it comes to picking a pair of pants for the day.

As long as the pants are snug but not tight, comfortably covering the area between the navel and the thighs, and ends gracefully at the ankle, you are good to go. The irreplaceable khakis are perfect on days you want to play it safe. But one must not hold back in trying bottle green and mustard yellow chinos, obviously to the right occasions. However, when wearing these chinos, confidence needs to skyrocket, otherwise, the look will not match the daring look.

The Power of Tie  

Look Modern

There was a time when ties were exclusive to the corporate offices and corporate parties; an emblem of the more formal, elite class. Much to our pleasure, times have changed.  Men’s Ties can be anything you wish them to be: formal, casual, respectable, rebellious, you name it! That’s what makes ties our favorite part of men’s wardrobes.

Ties come in all shapes and sizes these days. We don’t want to influence your instinctive take on ties by telling you what goes with what. Go tie shopping and let your creative juices flow. However, if you’re looking for the one tie that makes an instant style statement, go for something dark and solid with a subtle pattern. This one you can sport with anything and everything, even the bright, busy plaids.

Staying Sharp

Looking neat and elegant is another way to ensure your modern look is on point. Throughout the day and night, it is likely your t-shirt will get out of place from all the moving and daily activities that occur. Whether it’s conducting a meeting, walking around, dancing or going out for a walk, the shirt will present a true statement of your style.

Nobody likes to be seen as a mess nor sloppy, specially when you are out for a networking event or meeting new people.
To stay relaxed and loose, keep it simple with just the a button down shirts and jeans.

Feel free to move around freely and moving around while wearing the tuckes trunks boxer briefs. These are the perfect briefs to guarantee a sharp style as the hours pass on by. Simply button and tuck in the shirt to the underwear, and you are set! The shirt won’t come undone.

Fashion and style come differently to each of  us. Some of our fashion sense is influenced by low-key styles we see on the street, or Instagram influencers to deeply inspire our next attires based on image likes. Find a motivation and several accounts to follow throughout the web to get daily ideas. Looking modern and dapper is a unique style that only few men can rock, only when daring to stand out to get noticed! Enjoy this variety and just remember, as long as you feel comfortable in it, it looks dapper on you!


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