How A Former Boy Band Star Became A CrossFit Beast


Long before One Direction, but long after New Kids on the Block, boy bands ruled the charts in the early 2000’s. Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, and 98 Degrees were everywhere. Mega producer David Foster formed a Christian boy band Plus One, and they went on to two #1 radio hits and toured with some of the industries biggest artists. Jeremy Mhire was a member of the group, and I remember working out with him at this little gym in Springfield, MO during their heyday. His then-girlfriend and now wife, Jenny, introduced us, and I remember watching the Dove Awards with her when they had the nomination for best new artist.

At the time, I was a Young Life leader, and I remember how impressed I was with Jeremy’s intensity at the gym even though he was a skinny boy band member. His motivation spread to everything he touched, and at the time he was voraciously learning guitar.

After moving back to MO, Jeremy got a degree in Sports Medicine from Missouri State University. In 2007, Jeremy found crossfit, and within a year, he started his own crossfit gym. His physical transformation seemed to happen overnight. He got jacked! In his first competition, he only finished middle of the pack, but within a year, he was placing top 3. In the 2013 CrossFit Games Open, Jeremy was ranked 26th in the world.

Obviously Jeremy has drive which has brought him big accomplishments, and it’s worth noting, he’s always been athletic. He attributes his success in marriage, business, and training to these pillars:

  1. Create balance
  2. Be intentional
  3. Commit to goals daily
  4. Surround yourself with quality people who will push you and keep you accountable

Above all, stay focused. There’s always going to be “white noise” distracting you from your purpose. Jeremy has always had the mentality he’d rather do one or two things really well rather than balancing many things and being average.

Find one or two things you’re passionate about, pursue it, and focus on it. Everything else will fall into place.

Bottom line is, no matter where you’ve come from, you have the ability to create success. Thank you Jeremy for your best practices, and wishes you continuous success.

Be sure to watch his interview video with contributor John Jurss:

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