The Heart of Man: Interview with The Shack Author Wm Paul Young About Childhood Sexual Abuse

Vincent van Gogh said, “The heart of man is very much like the sea. It has its storms, it has its tides and in its depth it has the pearls too.”

heart of man

Heart of Man movie comes to theaters for one night only this Thursday, September 12 and explores the storms, tides, and pearls of human sexuality; the shame that comes from a distorted view of God and the hope found in a loving Father.

All too often we don’t see the pearls in the depths of our hearts. Instead we find a hopeless man in a dark cave chained to addiction and shame. Broken, depressed, and deemed worthless by a ruthless captor who keeps him shackled and hidden, he’s all but forgotten that he’s a greatly loved son who has a Father who will stop at nothing to break down the walls to free him.

You’re not alone.

Heart of Man might be described as a docudrama. Stunning cinematography and a creative retelling of the prodigal son story make the film powerful, but it’s the authenticity and vulnerability from men and women who are willing to share their darkest secrets and shame that will be truly life changing for many people who watch it.

This past weekend we got a chance to screen Heart of Man at our fourth annual men’s retreat. We watched it on the first night and it set the foundation for the rest of the weekend. One of the men described it as “the most powerful movie I have ever seen.”

Wm Paul Young, author of The Shack, joined us and spoke at our retreat. In Heart of Man, Paul shares about how his wife confronted him about his adultery. He also discusses how he endured childhood sexual abuse. I interviewed him and you can watch it below:

“You gotta go back to the place you’re hurt,”

Paul says. “God loves The Shack [our place of shame] with all of its brokenness, with all of its hurt…” And that was my most powerful takeaway from Heart of Man. God the Father is with us in the darkest places. He’s with us and loving us even in our acts of shame. If we would only turn back to Him, we’d find He’s waiting with open arms, just like the father in the story of the prodigal son.

The places that are most shattered Wm Paul Young

THE HEART OF MAN is a special one-night event in select theaters nationwide September 14

This article is adapted from the upcoming film, THE HEART OF MAN, a story inviting the sons and daughters of God to leave behind our broken, moralistic, and religious way of thinking and relating to God and to others. Once we begin to know who God is (and as a result who we are), we can experience true freedom. Freedom from performance. Freedom from managing our behavior so we appear acceptable to God. And freedom from our addictions, compulsive behaviors, secrecy and double lives. This film offers an invitation to the banquet God is throwing all of us.

THE HEART OF MAN is coming to select theaters nationwide on September 14th only.

Get your tickets now for THE HEART OF MAN and receive hope and freedom for those struggling with shame and an unawareness of how deeply they are loved by the Father.

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  1. Michelle September 14, 2017 at 1:17 am #

    Very powerful and genuine interview. Opens the door for healing. Such a pleasure to meet you both! @kriswolfe and @wmpaulyoung


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