3 Lessons From Good Guy Charlie Brown

Many of you might’ve remember being introduced to the Peanuts comics through A Charlie Brown Christmas, or reading the comics in the Sunday morning paper as children. However you met them, the Peanuts cast likely became staples to your holiday traditions or Sunday routine. Today we’ll discuss 3 Manly Lessons from Good Guy Charlie Brown.

Good Guy Charlie Brown

In 2015, a new film was released to introduce the Peanuts gang to a new generation: The Peanuts Movie. The film brings all of the classic jokes from the original Peanuts material for a new generation. The main plot focuses on Charlie Brown and his attempts to meet the Little Red Haired Girl next door.

In the Peanuts gang we have an assortment of humorous characters to capture your imagination and tickle your funny bones: Lucy and her psychiatrist booth, Snoopy and his rivalry with the Red Baron, Linus and his faithful blanket. But no other character is identified with the Peanuts so readily as Charlie Brown.

Throughout this film, we witness Charlie Brown struggle to conquer his own fear and anxiety to simply introduce himself to the new girl. Early on, he decides that he can’t because he’s not a “Winner.” Truthfully, by most standards, he isn’t, but that doesn’t let that stop him from trying to become one.

Here are a few things men of any age can learn from Charlie Brown:

He Doesn’t Give Up

Whether losing a baseball game, or attempting to fly a kite, Charlie Brown always seems to pull a bad card. Nothing he touches seems to work out, but he doesn’t let that stop him from getting back up and trying again.

A man doesn’t give up when he fails. He gets back up and tries again, facing the difficulty and determined to do better.

He Gives Credit Where It’s Due

At one point in the film, Charlie Brown is about to be honored for having a perfect score on his test. Everyone has a new respect for his genius, and he hopes that this will impress the Little Red Haired Girl. But when he’s about to be presented with the award, he discovers it was a mistake: the test of a different classmate. He tells everyone the truth and gives the credit to where it belongs.

A true man doesn’t need to take credit for someone else’s work. He takes pride in what he has accomplished and gives credit where it belongs.

Charlie Brown Cares

In the movie we see Charlie Brown make sacrifices for others. He abandons his own magic act in the talent show to help his sister’s cowgirl routine, even though it made him look silly doing it. Despite wanting to show off his new talent to the audience, especially the Little Red Haired Girl, he put his sister before himself. Men need compassion, to care for others even if it may inconvenience their own plans.

At the end of the movie, Charlie Brown finally introduces himself to the Little Red Haired Girl, only after he’s shocked that she chose him to be her pen pal. Asking why she would chose him, after all the failures she witnessed, she answers that she didn’t see failures. She sees character: Compassion, Honesty, Bravery. The things that make a man a real winner.


The problems Charlie Brown faces are the same we face everyday: Taking credit for someone else’s work, helping someone when they need it, getting back up when we fall, and introducing ourselves to someone new.

These are things that anyone can relate to and apply. That’s part of what makes Charlie Brown a great icon, he’s relatable. We all have had a Little Red Haired Girl in our lives, the question is, are you going to introduce yourself?

Charlie Brown doesn’t think that an ordinary guy can’t get a great girl, for a great girl, a guy has to be a winner. As he discovers at the end of the movie, being a winner isn’t about how great your talents are or how many awards you win, it’s about the character you have.

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