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5k Plan

Couch to 5K Plan

Your New Year’s resolution to lose weight started off well. You passed on the worst (yet tastiest) food and went for a run during halftime of the football game. Then January 2nd rolled around and it all went downhill. Here we are on the cusp of summer and your beach body is going to remain […]

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gamesmanship and the good guy

Gamesmanship and The Good Guy

I love sports. I spent 26 years playing and coaching soccer before transitioning to the world of endurance athletics and triathlon. Sports teaches all kinds of life lessons for the Good Guy – teamwork, perseverance, respect for others and authority, how to win and lose graciously. There’s an ugly side to the game and it […]

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What Does It Take To Complete A Triathlon?

When it comes to staying in shape, it’s tough to argue with a triathete. The combination of swimming, biking, and running works most of the major muscle groups. You’re not ripped like a gym rat, nor skinny as Kenyan marathoner. The result is a solid, toned look with cardiovascular fitness that borders on insanity. So […]

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5 Tips For Getting Better Sleep

My pursuit to a good night’s sleep did not happen out of some profound desire to increase a skill set that I always thought came quite naturally to me. While serving in the military I perfected falling asleep faster than Justin Beiber’s yellow Lamborghini achieves the mile-per-minute mark. Flash forward to my 40’s and introduce […]

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