Black Tie: The Book I Dedicated to My Daughter

Hours or perhaps a few more days from now, our daughter will be joining us. Somehow my latest book got delayed enough to coincide with her birth. But here it is….Black Tie. While this book is geared towards men, I dedicated it to our daughter.

black tie book

My hope is that enough men will read this book that by the time our daughter has become a grown woman, she will find a young gentleman who will live by this new code of manhood. The words I use in Black Tie are:

I hope to be part of inspiring a generation of men who will look at you and every woman through the eyes of God.”

What’s Black Tie about?

Authenticity. Connection. If you’ve been part of this site and movement since the beginning (this weekend marks the 4th anniversary of, a consistent theme is the bow tie. I created the bow tie as the logo for the site because I see it as a connection of two triangles. One triangle represents the mind, body, and soul of the whole man. The other triangle represents the Trinity. Joined together, they become the bow tie and the essence of and Black Tie.

black tie book

How did Black Tie come about?

My original idea was to take the theme of connection and “tie” the current men’s movement with the one pioneered by forefathers like Gordon Dalbey (Healing the Masculine Soul) and John Eldredge (Wild at Heart) in the 1990s. Gordon has been a mentor to me for the past few years. Each time I speak to him, I grow in wisdom and understanding. In these men, we have much to learn. While I’ve been privileged to be mentored by solid men, I often hear from other men my age and younger that it’s difficult to find a mentor.

I stopped one day and realized I am now the mentor.  I created Black Tie to provide a mentorship experience with content, prayers, and exercises that I wish I would’ve known about when I was in my late teens and early 20s.

How can I get the book?

Starting in January, we began taking orders for a bundled package of Black Tie and 10 Ways to Win a Girl’s Heart. Those orders have now shipped. If you would like to be part of bringing this message to a wider audience, you can order a bundled package too. This is a limited edition. Only 450 printed copies are available through the bundle.

Actually, 449. One book will be held back for our daughter. I want her to read this one day to understand her worth. But I realize a book can only do so much. My legacy will be built upon the words and examples she sees on a daily basis. Here’s to me prayerfully shaping the masterpiece who is our daughter….

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2 Responses to Black Tie: The Book I Dedicated to My Daughter

  1. Easton May 30, 2017 at 4:56 am #

    Thanks so much Kris for being a mentor and congratulations on your daughter!

    10 ways to win a girls heart is like I have a mentor, I’ve read it 3 times in a week just to make sure I absorbed it all. I bought the bundle and I’ll just give my current book I have to someone younger than me to read, probably a cousin. I hope I can set a positive example to others as well now. In your book you said prayer is powerful and I recently started looking for a church again and have been working on turning my life around and this website only helps and I can’t thank you enough!

    PS. Can’t wait for the book!

    • Kris Wolfe May 31, 2017 at 3:34 am #

      Easton! Thank you so much. You made my day and this is why I do this. I can’t tell you what an honor it is to be a virtual mentor. I think you will find “Black Tie” even more helpful than “10 Ways.”

      Our daughter will be here soon and you’ll certainly see some articles about it.

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