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4 Lessons On Discretion

We could learn some things from the Old West. The American Cowboy possessed a quality that many modern men are deficient in: discretion. He considered what words he would say, and ensured they actually had meaning. In the Old West, words were few. Men chose what they said carefully. Work was more important than chatter. […]

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9 Great Brooders and Steps For A Good Brood

Life has good and bad moments, though sometimes it seems you only get the bad: your car breaks down, your job is awful, or your girlfriend dumps you. Everyone reacts differently in these moments: some cry, some sleep, some eat…and some brood. Anyone can complain or sulk in the corner, but productive brooding in an […]

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Be a cowboy at work

How To Be A Cowboy at Work

When we think of a cowboy, we see him on his horse, surrounded by cattle. He manfully surveys the herd in his charge, ready for rustlers or predators. What we fail to notice is the dirt covering him, the dust, the manure stuck to his boots and pants, and the muscle aches and pains from […]

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How To Live With Courage

On my wall hangs a famous John Wayne quote, which fits well with the first principle of the Cowboy Code. Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway. The phrasing of this quote has been altered in some tellings, but its core always remains the same. Living with courage is going forward, in […]

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