5 Pieces of Advice to Stay Strong in Your Calling: Interview with Clayton Jennings

Clayton Jennings: His Message Has Reached Millions.

He’s an evangelist, author, and poet.

He’s a handsome and buff brother who will join the new dad club with me soon enough.

Clayton Jennings

Clayton Jennings burst onto social media through his poetry and spoken word gift. His spoken word videos have millions of YouTube views. “Jesus Is” has 1.2 million.

I’m going to highlight some lyrics from “When I Became a Man” since this resonates with our message on GoodGuySwag:

The thought of an average life made me wanna throw up, so I threw up
Yeah, I threw up my hands
And said God I’m tired of being a boy, I’m ready to be a man
Because one day, when my son takes my hand
I want him to know that it’s not about what his dad said,
but where his dad stands.

We begin our interview with how Clayton Jennings started his current evangelism ministry. He wrote a film and began showing it at different churches. After each showing, he would share a message:

Some questions I ask Clayton Jennings:

1. How did your ministry begin? (1:00)
2. What would you say to a young guy who wants to do what you’re doing? (2:36)
3. Is anything changing within you now that you have a daughter coming? (6:17)

In this episode, you will learn:

5 Pieces of Advice for Young Guys (2:36)

  1. Be like Jesus.
  2. Don’t focus on platform and social media.
  3. Don’t get discouraged.
  4. Never quit.
  5. Do it for an audience of one.

Marriage and Fatherhood (5:50)

Clayton is going to be a dad to a daughter. When we recorded this interview my daughter had yet to be born. We discussed what we wanted our fatherhood to look like.

I asked him, “What’s your hope for your daughter?”
“I want her to understand that grace is not a paycheck.”

You can find out more about Clayton Jennings:

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