5 Ways To Identify A Gentleman

ways to identify a gentleman

A gentleman doesn’t act a certain way because he’s hoping to get something in return. When a gentleman opens a door, pulls out a chair, or offers a helping hand, he does so out of the goodness from within. A true gentleman’s actions come from his identity. You can’t be a gentleman by acting like one. Players are called players for a reason; they may be able to play the part, but a little investigation will reveal the fraud.

There are 5 foolproof ways to identify a gentleman. How do you measure up?

You can identify a gentleman…

1. In his speech: In general, a gentleman doesn’t cuss, but there’s more to the power of the tongue than refraining from vulgar words. A gentleman honors others in his speech. His words are constructive rather than destructive. You won’t find him taking part in the rumor mill. He’s not one of those people who drains you with negativity. Instead, a gentleman’s word edifies others; his talk is comforting.

2. In his conduct: A gentleman doesn’t live like a tyrant, but he’s not a doormat either. He’s a servant leader. He’s strong, but humble. He works hard, and is never described as one who is lazy or cuts corners.

3. In the way he loves: There are four ways the Greek language describes love: Eros, Phillia, Storge, and Agape. The gentleman is a master at each type. Eros is romantic love, and is the type of love most associated with dating and marriage. Phillia is brotherly love, and describes love between friends and neighbors. Storge is family love, and is the love that parents have for their children. Finally Agape love describes the type of love God has for people. Whether it’s within a relationship, his family, friends, or in how he treats a stranger, a true gentleman will display each area of love, or he’s not a gentleman.

4. In his faith: Alexander Hamilton, a founding father of the US, said, “Those who stand for nothing, fall for anything.” A gentleman isn’t content to just better himself through exercise and education. He will also do everything to better himself as a spiritual man. By understanding his spiritual body is greater than his physical body, a gentleman prepares himself so that he won’t fall for anything. He’s strong in his resolution.

5. In his purity: While purity may point to a man who doesn’t sleep around, the purity of a gentleman encompasses more; a gentleman has purity of intention. He has integrity. You can trust a gentleman because he’s honest. Just like a metal’s integrity means that it maintains its form in a variety of environments, a gentleman maintains his moral standards everywhere he goes and in every situation.

A gentleman can be found in any age group. Don’t let anyone think less of you just because you are young. If a man at any age can pass each of these tests, he’s most surely a gentleman. Someone with “game” might be able to fool someone upfront, but pay attention to the red flags. Over time, a gentleman just can’t be matched.

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