4 Ways To Make A Date Special

4 ways to make a date special

Whether it’s a first date or a date well into a marriage, creating an excellent date can win her heart or breathe new life into a stale relationship. If you want a successful date, it’s going to take both your right and left brain to pull it off. Utilize your creativity, but also thoughtfully plan and consider what’s important to her.

Planning a date doesn’t have to be hard, but it does require paying attention to her. If you want to execute a date and make it special, you have listen to what she says and pay attention to her nonverbal cues.

Here are 4 ways to make a date special:

1. Do Some Research

The good news is you don’t necessarily have to read a book or scour the internet. Just as I mentioned earlier, your goal is to research her. What kind of activities gets her excited? What kind of food does she like the most? What kind of atmosphere brings her to life?

After you discover her tastes and interests, then you can find the perfect activity. One of the first things I discovered about my wife Kristen is that she loves vegetarian food. After talking to my vegetarian friends, they pointed me to a restaurant called Cafe Gratitude. She’d never been before, and it’s now one of her favorite spots. Maybe she loves Italian? Download Yelp, and discover the nearest Italian restaurants with the best reviews. You can also find out the favorite items on the menu as well.

2. Choose Something Active

Dinner and a movie is great every once in awhile, but why not consider a date that activates all of the senses by doing something or creating something together? Last year, I started a dating list with some fun and active ideas, but some of the most special moments Kristen and I have together are simple things like taking a walk around the neighborhood or going on a hike. Activities take away the need to check the phone, and focus the date on each other. For those of you guys who have physical touch as a love language, active dates provide more opportunities.

3. Plan It

It’s crazy, but something as easy as making a dinner reservation makes a big difference to girls, so my recommendation would be to not just show up. Take a few minutes, and plan in advance. Make reservations, find out important information, and when you arrive, you’ll know what’s up. That’s a turn-on to girls because it also shows you are a man who is a protector and a provider; a man in control. Girls want a man with a plan, a guy who has his ducks in order.

4. Make it Memorable

Finally, enjoy the work you’ve created. Engage the right brain. Focus on what she is saying, ask questions, and get to know her for the first time (if you’re already married or are in a long term relationship, make her feel like you’re getting to know her for the first time). Once again, go back to the little things that matter most. Play her favorite song, or listen to her playlist. Find a song that will define the date, and just maybe the relationship.


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