10 Ways The Right Girl Should Make You Feel

10 ways the right girl should make you feel

Every guy should have some idea of what he’s looking for in a potential mate. Maybe you made a wife list of qualities you want? Maybe you created a vision board? But how does she make you feel? I was in a relationship at one point, and she checked all the boxes, but something just didn’t click. Have you experienced this before? You try to reason to yourself, but something just doesn’t feel right.

No one should have to settle. Ponder this list, or come up with one on your own, but the right girl should make you feel like Leo on the front of the Titanic.

10 Ways The Right Girl Should Make You Feel

 1. She should make you feel at ease: Obviously, it’s a bad sign if you feel drained when you’re with her, but being at ease implies something more than that. There’s no striving to keep her attention or be loved. When I come home and hold Kristen, it’s soothing…in some bizarre physical and spiritual way. Nothing else matters. I have no FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).

2. She should love you whether you have money or not: If she likes you because of your material possessions, what happens if and when they run out? Bragging about what car you drive, what neighborhood you live in, who you know, what you do, or what your parents do is a sure way to start off on the wrong path. What about selling her on YOU by giving her your honest and genuine self?

3. She should love you just as you are: If she’s dating you only because she can see the man you could be, watch out. What about who you are at this moment? It’s one thing if she loves you for who you are and can see you becoming a greater man, but it’s another if she’s currently unhappy with you and is hoping to mold you into her vision of a man.

4. She should be proud to introduce you to her friends: Heck, she should parade you around in front of them. Gratitude works in relationships too. I’m thankful to have the most amazing woman, and she’s thankful to have me.

5. She should make you feel like THE man: If she wants to be the man in the relationship, and you’re fine being the woman, then great. The thing I love about being with my wife is she empowers me to be a strong man, and she loves being fully feminine; yin and works.

6. She should be open to your family and friends: Family is in it for the long haul, and I was keenly reminded of that when we lost our uncle a few weeks ago. She should understand and want to be on that journey too.

7. She should make you feel good when you’re sick: And of course, this works vice versa. The best moments we have together are in health, when we are hiking up the canyon, or taking strolls around the neighborhood. But, the other day my wife was sick, and I got to take care of her. It’s in the sick moments we become more solid.

8. She should compel you to be a better man: When you find the one you’re supposed to be with, there’s no settling. She’s a rare find, and you will continue to pursue her for the rest of your life. Love (and maybe the army) will compel you to be all you can be. 

9. She should stick by your side in the hard times: If someone does me wrong, I got a woman you don’t want to mess with on my side. And as much as I’m a man of reason, I’ve learned in marriage, you always take your wife’s side (even if she’s wrong). 

10. She should cause your imagination to run wild. Anything is possible with her: a family, children, a future. Time with her heightens hope in your life. I can take more risks, and I don’t have to be a people-pleaser. I know that no matter what happens, whether I’m rejected or liked, I come home to the only one who really matters.

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