You Are A Creative Man: Engage Your Creativity

You Are A Creative Man

“A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.” Ayn Rand

The essence of manhood is to create. If God created us in His image, then we were made to create. Whether we recognize it or not, the need to create underlies almost every thought and action, dream and desire. It’s the driving force behind our work, our body’s vitality, and our sexuality.

Creativity is the driving force behind work

At the most basic level, even if it feels forced or necessary, we take a job or work to create provision. You may believe you don’t have a creative bone in your body, but to yield anything through work is a creative act. A paycheck is a rudimentary form of creativity. If you carefully listen to friends who are bummed about a job, or maybe you are burnt out at work, at the core there is a desire for more freedom. The desire to make choice, or to have freedom is advanced creativity.

Creativity is the driving force behind our body’s health

“Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.” John F Kennedy

For some, eating healthy and a bit of exercise is about living longer, but for others, you begin to hear them describe their bodies in terms of aesthetics, sculptured, and defined. Their bodies become their artwork. You may perceive a bodybuilder as being a dumb jock, but it’s a form of creativity for many.

The best athletes usually have a vision of where they want to go, and that imagination is so creative, they can often visualize an upcoming game or competition in detail.

Creativity is the driving force behind sexuality

“The purpose of sexual desire is creation.” David Deida

In the past, sex was sometimes viewed only as a means of creating children and families. Today, expectations are higher because creativity has evolved in the dating world. Why do some guys memorize pick-up lines? It’s to creatively stand out. Dating has become more complex because creativity has become more competitive.

Even if you think you are only wanting pleasure from holding hands, kissing and/or sex, all forms of affection seek to create connectedness. Connection is more creative than reproducing only for the sake of having babies.

All of this to say every guy (and girl for that matter) on this planet is creative. Our ability to make and produce higher forms of creations makes us unique in comparison to animals. Somewhere along the line, guys are taught it’s not ok to be creative, and this is an attack on our true essence of manhood.

If you met my dad, you’d think he’s 100% left-brained. You’d believe he’s more analytical than emotional. As a car dealer, my dad works six days a week, and his mind is always on business. It’s not too often he’s emotionally vulnerable or transparent. You might think this about your own father, but have you made an effort lately to get to know him?

I was shocked when my grandma told me my dad had a knack for poetry, and he’d even submitted a poem to a magazine and got it published. With a name like “Butch,” who knew he had such artistry? When my sister and I were kids, he’d joke and say he was in a band. The only poetry we ever heard from him was this song he wrote:

Butch and the Beaters, we’re mean mosquiters.
We’ll bite you on the hand, we’re the baddest in the land.

I later discovered my dad had gone to college to study writing. He started selling cars when I was a newborn because he wanted to provide for his family. Many men from my father’s generation believed they had to put their dreams aside to support the family. They were told to buck up, show no emotion, and surrender every creative pursuit so the farm wouldn’t go down.

A new age is upon us. What if everyone spent more time developing their passions? I’m hoping my dad will take some time to re-engage his creativity in this next year.

You are a creative man. Engage your creativity.


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