Winning A Girl’s Heart Requires Losing Fear

Winning a girl's heart

Fear isn’t good enough.

In the book, 10 Ways To Win A Girl’s Heart, Kris Wolfe author and founder of GoodGuySwag writes,

winning a girl’s heart requires losing fear.

And he’s right.

Growing up I desired to be someone’s knight in shining armor.

More than I wanted to play in the NBA. I dreamed of being the guy who rides bareback on a horse with a giant sword in his hand to the clouds. The towns people would know me for my bravery, massive biceps, and courageous love. I’d probably have an accent and know how to whittle. Without thinking twice I’d slay a firey dragon and then kiss her as if the world is ending or beginning. Either way I’m kissing her, everyone is applauding, and now I’m on the cover of People. Or GQ.

I’m no knight in shining armor. I’m terrified of most reptiles, my biceps are are as big as you sister’s ankles, and the only sword I’ve ever held I almost dropped on my foot. If I’m honest with myself and you, instead of being the knight in shining armor I stood off to the side as the scared spectator; terrified to face my fears.

Fear kept me from winning her heart.

Fear led me away from her. I don’t think many of us are knight’s in shining armor and that’s ok, because it isn’t the shining armor that makes us a knight, it’s our bravery.

Fear doesn’t kill, it paralyzes.

It’s buries us neck deep in the sand; keeping us stationary and makes us sweaty.

Fear halts us from moving forward; from getting us from where we don’t want to be to where we desire to be.

Fear is what keeps most of us from asking the girl of your dreams out for dinner.

Fear is what stops us from looking her in the eyes and with a shaky voice telling her she’s beautiful.

Fear is what holds us back from grabbing her hand and stepping into a lifetime commitment.

Fear disables us from doing the thing we desperately want to do.

It is a dream killer, a heart stopper, and a wall builder.

And we cannot let fear win.

Fear is the bully and we can’t let the bully have his way with us any longer.

So we fight back with bravery and trust and we back together.

Fear isn’t this one time beast we have to defeat, but a constant battle.

But it’s a battle worth fighting, like fear is worth losing.

“Winning a girl’s heart requires losing fear” and grabbing trust.

“Winning a girl’s heart requires losing fear” and putting on bravery.
Fear isn’t a good enough reason to keep you beneath the sheets in the morning. And it isn’t a good enough reason to keep you from who you want to be or who you want to be with.

Lose fear.
Don’t lose to it.

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