Win A Girl’s Heart By Starting With Yours

Win a girl's heart

Win a girl’s heart by starting with yours. How comfortable is your heart in your life right now? When is the last time you’ve listened to your heart? How do you feel about showing your heart to others?

Being a safe place for your heart creates safety for her heart. When you become a safe place for her heart, this is where the magic happens.

I recently attended a one day conference called “Get Your Heart On” by Brandon Hawk. The premise of the conference is that we’ve tuned out the feelings of the heart. You can create a life you love through acknowledging your feelings and building connection to others around your heart. Too often, our connections to others are built around function or gifting. If I’m honest, I’ve spent a good sum of my life attempting to win other’s over through my social standing, appearance, and money. It’s an empty way of living.

A girl with a healthy heart isn’t going to be impressed with your wealth and achievements. A healthy heart will require deeper connection. If you want to win a girl’s heart, it’s time to rebuild a life around who you really are and how you want to feel.

Start with yourself

As you’ll see in my video with Brandon below, the first step we often overlook when we want to win a girl’s heart is our own heart. “We attract to us people at the same level of maturity that we are at or in.” If you have an unhealthy heart, you will attract someone with an unhealthy heart. Many guys believe living from the heart is feminine. However, Brandon says when you accept the sensitivities of your heart, it will increase masculinity.

The heart is powerful

According to Brandon, the heart is five thousand times greater in electromagnetic frequency than the mind with an amplitude sixty times greater. When we only focus on the mind, we are leading with an inferior power source. The heart is the strongest power source for connection.


Before getting vulnerable with others, get vulnerable with yourself. Acknowledge your feelings and affirm yourself. We’ve learned to discount our feelings, but how you feel in your heart is important.

Mind tricks don’t work

Your mind can’t make deep connections with another’s heart. We call it “heart to heart” for a reason. The phrases implies deep connection. Whereas pick-up artists use techniques, “game,” and mind tricks to win a girl over, Brandon argues, “How you begin a relationship is how that relationship will have to be sustained.” At some point, the game ends.

Be sure and check out more of my interview with Brandon below, and pre-order my book 10 Ways To Win A Girl’s Heart.

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