Three Key Concepts For Any Healthy Diet

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If you’re wanting to lose a bit of weight, or perhaps you just want to get leaner, it’s all about simplicity. It’s easy to get caught up in counting calories, macros, or using a food scale. If you live by these concepts, you’ll no longer need these crutches. Here are three key concepts for any healthy diet:

Healthy Diet Tip #1: What to Eat

Knowing what to eat is going to be our first leg of the healthy eating journey because if we don’t get this right, the rest is moot. Through my tears last Sunday, Super Soul Sunday that is, I heard food author Michael Pollen state, “eat food, not too much, mostly plants.” Our diets should include as little food as possible that has a face or a father. When we make that trek to the grocery store, our attention should be firmly focused on the foods in the outer areas: mostly produce, some dairy and meat judiciously.add some color to your diet

Eat as many colors as possible. Color variation ensures not only a savory visual feast but provides the diversity of vitamins and minerals so desired by our bodies. Snacks come in three flavors basically; unhealthy (candy bar, nacho chips etc.), healthier snacks (baked chips, sports bars like Cliff, veggie straws) and healthy snacks (fruits and vegetables). The more you dip into the healthy snack jar, the greater the reward.

Healthy Diet Tip #2: How to Eat

Our brains and our bellies do not communicate in real time. We are designed with a momentary cerebral-gastric disconnect. As a rule, reaching for that next shovel full while still chewing is to be avoided. Allow your eating utensil a respite until the previous bite is fully eaten and disposed of via the esophagus; this is best accomplished through “mindful eating”.

Concentrating on your current mouthful, chewing deliberately until your food is fully dispatched of size and texture, then swallowing appropriately, will fulfill your hunger desires. This gives your mind time to catch up with your belly.

Give yourself the time and opportunity to develop a slow and intimate relationship with your meal, treat it with the warmth and wonder you would a lover, or it will betray you one pants/dress size at a time.

Healthy Diet Tip #3: When to Eat

Eat early, eat frequently and eat well ahead of bed time.

Eating upon waking, “breaking our (sleep imposed) fast” sets our bodies metabolism ablaze and that’s one fire we want stoked. Frequent meals tell our bodies,”hey, don’t worry about storing away that fat for another day, there is plenty more where that came from”. This effectively extinguishes our body’s ancestral fear of a limited energy supply.

Going to bed with a belly full of Little Debbie is like parking your car with a tank full of gas (not much utilization of fuel going on in that scenario). Fast forward ahead to whittling a new hole in your belt with that pointy thing on your Swiss Army knife you never thought you would use.

Follow The Formula Of Simplicity

Eat food, not too much, mostly plantsSo there it is my friends, the formula for eating healthy that you may have never heard before put so simply. So how many calories are you left counting? Now you can go drop that food scale off on the corner because you won’t be needing it.

In the immortal words of Bogart to Bergman (well kinda), “here’s lookin at blue kid”. (And red and orange and green and yellow, that kaleidoscope of fruits and vegetables that will never let you down)

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  1. Laura Fox May 7, 2019 at 4:32 am #

    Does little Debbie have a face and a father? LOL Just kidding, good no-nonsense advice. I have to go Debbie is calling.

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