Accept Limitlessness, Achieve Greatness


Editor’s note: This is part 1 of a two-part feature written by Joey Gloor, a trainer who appeared on MTV’s hit show “I Used To Be Fat.” He’s not a dumb meathead. In fact, he’s a teacher and has his Masters in English. He also has #goodguyswag.

We tend to think of butterflies as girly little critters. We usually consider eagles or hawks the alphas of aerial locomotion. But if we look at the life of a butterfly, we realize it has an unrivaled power that transcends mere might. Butterflies are amazing because they hold the power of transformation.

I realize the butterfly is a hard sell when it comes to swagger. I’m certainly not suggesting you X-out your Traditional-American-Eagle-fretted-with-golden-lightning-bolts chest tattoo for a butterfly tat on your lower back. (Seriously, you need to not).  However, I do think this humble insect can inspire us all to audaciously pursue change amid despair.

Fresh Start vs. Restart

Regret is real. “No Regrets” (another bad tattoo choice) is a common phrase that’s tossed around almost as much as “Don’t worry, be happy.” Still, mistakes are made and anxiety and sadness afflict us all, at least occasionally. Surviving painful moments does not mean choking down feelings or covering them up with frontages of bliss. And it certainly doesn’t mean perpetually living in regret or dysfunction either.  There is a third option, transformation. This means facing your brokenness headstrong, reforming yourself, and moving beyond the mess as a whole new person.

“Fresh starts” is another adage we’ve accepted into our lexicon and our lives. We sleep and we wake, so the fresh start of a new day is intrinsic to our nature. Yet it can be difficult to imagine an all-encompassing restart: Transformation. It is essential to come to terms with transformation, because without it we lack the broad-scope necessary to envision the full depth of our potential.

Ignorance is man’s severest limitation

Ignorance breeds resignation. When dreams die we decide, “We are who we are,” and there’s no path to newness. Effectively, we seal our zeal in convenient pleasures that falsify our happiness rather than pursuing lasting joy as our true selves. Success is not about feigning happiness as you carelessly wander; it’s about finding happiness as you purposefully wonderGreatness requires more than “positive thinking” but intentional, limitless contemplation (followed by action).

Your ability to accept the limitlessness of your potential will dictate, definitively, the extent of your destiny. All the optimism in the world is useless if you are ignorant of what is possible. For example, a toddler curiously looking at a caterpillar would never imagine that this worm could one day be a butterfly. Such extreme metamorphosis is so abstract and seemingly impossible, that even the unscathed, perfect optimism of a child could not perceive this reality without witnessing it.  In ignorance the possibility remains unconsidered. You must consider all possibilities in order to achieve wondrous things! You have to conceptualize limitlessness in order to actualize wondrousness.

As we learn and grow, our imagination and creativity should increase with our knowledge and experience of the wondrous world. Unfortunately, we live often by our failure rather than by the promise of possibility. Christians, like myself, should read the bible and trust we “can do all things through Christ who strengthens” (Phil 4:13). Regardless of your beliefs about God, you cannot deny that life offers you a choice to follow a new path or remain in a rut. No matter where you are- no matter what you’ve done, I assure you: As long as you’re breathing you have a purpose on this earth. 

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3 Responses to Accept Limitlessness, Achieve Greatness

  1. bruce nahin March 10, 2014 at 9:52 pm #

    This article is so true, thanks Joey for putting many of thoughts into words

  2. Jorge M March 11, 2014 at 3:08 am #

    I really liked your post on transformation Joey. It made me realize transformation starts from within when we realize our full potential, and it is the mindset to take when we face hard times and brokenness. I don’t know, I’ve always seen transformation like some sort of magic, something all of the sudden, because, even with butterflies, in between the caterpillar and the actual butterfly, there’s a phase of silence where you don’t get a clue on what’s going on. Then it all reveals when the cocoon cracks and 3rd act begins, to put it in a way. And that got me thinking, maybe this also shapes our expectations on transformation and that’s why we have regrets. We strive for magic swaps, specially with fitness, and we’re not used to go the distance. It’s hard because we don’t close our eyes and open them to see our new body, in fact we go the whole process with eyes wide open and miss the small changes (in a way it’s funny, because it happens the same with the way we age, but we’re thankful with that matter). I guess what I’m trying to say is: if we think of our present as the result of our past, the transformation has started even with ourselves being oblivious, and regretting it’s silly because even the bad times help shape who we are now, and if we don’t like our current situation, at least we have to admit some credit to ourselves to endure thru all this and last until today.
    One last word. Another way a butterfly can be a tough guy (lol) is when you watch how it flies against the wind. It’s really amazing! Even when it is as light as a piece of paper, it doesn’t drift, but fights to make a way against the stream.
    Man, your post really got me thinking. Thanks for writing it.


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