Reasons Why I’m Thankful for Mom

Today is my mom’s birthday and I just wanted to publicly acknowledge that she’s the best mom and a true lifesaver.

Thankful for Mom

Literally a lifesaver.

In high school, my mom became a lifeguard at a local pool. But check this out: when I became a lifeguard in high school, she lifeguarded with me at White Water in Branson, MO. She was the star lifeguard and the strongest swimmer. She even had the best suntan out of all the other lifeguards. Even though she loved lifeguarding and was passionate about it, she quietly stepped away when she got selected over me for the National Lifeguard Olympics. She wanted me to shine.

When I came to California, the movers came three days early in the middle of my condo being updated. They dropped everything off outside. I was in a bind. But Mom came to the rescue. She flew in immediately and watched my stuff during the day while I left for work and helped me move it inside at night.

Most recently, my mom flew out here to meet our baby. She came right after Aurora was born. Kristen and I quickly discovered newborn parenting isn’t easy, especially spending 5 days in the hospital. After sleepless nights, she would sit quietly in our dim lit room, holding the baby for hours in an uncomfortable chair, while Kristen and I attempted to catch a few winks.

One day she became concerned Kristen wasn’t getting enough sleep. While Kristen and I slept with Baby Aurora between us, my mom stood like a sentinel outside of our hospital room door. Anyone who wanted to come in had to go through her first.

Last year, we flew in and surprised my mom for her birthday. But this year we had to miss out as we begin our new family. Since we didn’t get to be there, I just wanted to publicly acknowledge how thankful I am to have Julie Wolfe as my mom.

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