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A Litmus Test For Experiencing Freedom

Do you truly experience freedom? If you can’t answer this question, may I suggest taking a test? Snowboarding: A Litmus Test For Experiencing Freedom As I’m tapping away on this keyboard, I have charlie horses, stiffness, and horrible flexibility. Why? Because when I snowboarded this past Saturday, I resisted freedom. I’ll use “burning loins” to […]

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Solitary Confinement: Why It Is Not Good for Man To Be Alone

Albert Woodfox may be released from prison in a few days. He’s known as the “longest-standing” prisoner in solitary confinement totaling 43 years. Some 80,000 inmates are estimated to be in solitary confinement in the US. The United Nations claims solitary confinement is inhumane. As the saying goes, Solitary will drive you crazy. Solitary confinement […]

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