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Should a good Guy Carry a Gun?

Should a Good Guy Carry a Gun?

One of the top 5 hot-button issues today is gun control or gun rights depending on which side of the fence you’re on. You may have heard of a “Good Guy and a gun,” but should a Good Guy carry a gun? That’s a – forgive me – loaded question.  While no easy answer exists, let’s […]

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locker room talk

Does a Good Guy Engage in Locker Room Talk?

Does a good guy engage in locker room talk? After Kristen and I listened to the already infamous recording of Trump and Billy Bush (objectifying Nancy O’Dell, perhaps even admitting sexual assault), she turned to me and asked, “Have you ever been in a conversation like that?” “No!” I responded, repulsed. “Absolutely not!” Then an inner nudge reminded […]

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gamesmanship and the good guy

Gamesmanship and The Good Guy

I love sports. I spent 26 years playing and coaching soccer before transitioning to the world of endurance athletics and triathlon. Sports teaches all kinds of life lessons for the Good Guy – teamwork, perseverance, respect for others and authority, how to win and lose graciously. There’s an ugly side to the game and it […]

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How To Be A Good Guy in a Toxic Work Environment

So, you’re a good guy and you’ve just encountered your first toxic work environment experience, what do you do? I’ve got stories. I’ve seen a lot. But how do you see without being a participant in what could be the demise of your work experience and outlook on the company? How can you be the […]

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3 Beliefs Keeping You From Getting The Girl

Do you think it’s easy to get the woman of your dreams? One of my buds is the most shredded guy you’ll ever meet and is still looking for his one and only. Another one of my friends is successful and owns an expensive luxury car, yet wishes he was married, and can’t find a […]

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Good Guys Never Win…Or Do They?

The Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin recently published a study showing men were attracted to responsive women, but women aren’t attracted to responsive men. And everyone recites, “Good guys never win.” Does this mean women are attracted to jerks? How do these study results compare to other relationship studies? And most importantly, do good guys need […]

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