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Competitive dating

The Game of Love: Competitive Dating in the 1930s

The Roaring 20s party collided headfirst into the 1929 stock market crash. Courtship had given way to dating as we discussed in The Invention of Dating. But, competitive dating was rising, partially due to the financial crises in the 1930s. 13-15 million workers lost their jobs at the height of The Great Depression in 1933. Scarcity was a […]

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dating creativity

13 Ways A Guy Can Be More Creative In Dating

Women desire a creative man. Don’t believe it? One average guy on Tinder recently attracted over 2,000 women by making fake “Match of the Day” logos on his profile. One woman wrote, “Hey, ha love the banners on your photos..Very fun and creative…” A creative man… Stands out from the pack of wolves vying for […]

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Dating, Duck Dynasty & Filtering What You Say

…there are some good parallels between what’s happening with Ducky Dynasty and your dating life. Guys are coarse by nature, some being a lot coarser than others. The range looks something like sensitive on one extreme to reality star on the other. No matter where you might be on the continuum, depending on the girl you want to pursue, the basic message is think before you speak.

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