Style Details for Men Fall 2015

style details for men fall 2015

I recently sat down with Lo VonRumpf from PEOPLE Style Watch. He’s a stylist who’s worked with celebrities like Ricky Martin, Justin Theroux, and Avan Jojia. Watch our interview below:

For Fall 2015, Lo says dapper style from the 1950’s is what it’s all about; think Fred Astaire, James Dean, Frank Sinatra, and Gene Kelly.

Style Details For Men 2015

Skinny Ties

Lo recommends pairing a pattern slim fit dress shirt with a skinny tie.


Tier Bars

Make sure you buy a tie bar specifically for skinny ties if you buy one.


While large watches have been popular in the past, “retro-chic watches with cases smaller than 40 millimeters were in abundance at this year’s Baselworld watch fair in Switzerland” according to the New York Times.

Cuff Links

Antique cuff links have been making a comeback, but simple and classic designs are always in style for a gentleman.

Pocket Squares

Affordable, but dapper, pocket squares can make an ordinary suit stand out. Pocket squares have history with nobility and royalty. In 250 BC, the Roman emperor would drop a handkerchief to signal the beginning of the gladiator games.



I’ve never been much of a ring-wearing kind of guy, but my left fourth finger bears a wedding band. However, I’ve always been fascinated with the history of rings on the index finger. Today, you might see a guy wear a class ring, a fraternity ring, or even a Super Bowl ring on his index finger. Historically, the index finger bore a crest ring which identified family and status. The index finger “symbolizes power, leadership, and authority.” 


While the gentleman may dress a tad conservatively, he can subtley express his individuality through his sock choice.

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