I Just Turned 40: What I’m Working on to Stay Young

I just turned 40. For some of you young guys I know this seems like it’s the distant future. I can assure you that it comes faster than you can imagine. Time marches by quickly. I’m going share what I do and what I am working on to stay young and take care of myself so that as I age, I can be my best.

I Just Turned 40: What I’m Doing to Stay Young

I honestly don’t have any bad feelings about 40. I feel better physically now than I did at 30, or even 25.

What I’m Doing to Stay Young

Massive health and beauty industries across the world have been built with the purpose to stay young. Wanting to stay young is an age-old desire. The ancient Egyptians placed a lot of emphasis on it. If you’re honest, you probably don’t want to see yourself deteriorate either.

A good guy takes care of himself so that he can be all that he can be for those he loves and cares for. Health is not just for vanity. The Good Guy Swag Approach focuses on the mind, body, and soul:


If you want to stay young, you can’t neglect your body.I’m on a journey for a better one. I do cardio for my heart and weights for my muscles and bones. I don’t always know the best exercises, but I am learning and I can say I am better today than I used to be. I have goals to build muscle and shed fat and just keep going after it.

What is going on inside my body is a much more complex story. I believe physical activity will help me greatly 20 or 30 years from now. A sedentary life is not healthy so I try to get out there and move. I think staying strong and in decent shape for my future wife and for what life may throw at me is important.


When I was about 15 years old, I had an acne problem. Ever since, I’ve used a daily face wash that contains alpha or beta hydroxy acid, and once a week a face scrub. I am pretty sure this has also helped keep wrinkles at bay.

Around 35 I added a daily under eye cream which has controlled some allergy related under eye darkness and the increasing puffiness due to age and stress.

Sunscreen is important. Here in Louisiana, the sun can be brutal!


My job requires me to use my brain (and not my body) for 8 hours a day, sometimes 9 or 10. I am reading, analyzing, reviewing, auditing, thinking analytically, and solving problems.

Sometimes I need a mindless activity like TV, or a game on my phone. Many times it is some social media, but I still try each day to take in some information about something new. I love learning and I think that it is a key factor in keeping the mind sharp.


We can talk all day about keeping our skin, body, and mind healthy, but if you really want to stay young, take care of your soul. This is the place where everything else is built.

I remember when I was a young child, an elderly man from my church always had a piece of gum, a smile, and a kind word for us kids when he would see us there. My grandfather loved a joke and enjoyed making people smile. When I think of staying forever young I think of the older men that enjoyed life and tried to make it better for others.

The joy and vibrancy that you cultivate in your life and the character that you develop will do more in keeping you young than anything else you can do. The alternative is bitterness and resentment, and this will deteriorate your body and mind with a worsening effect.

I made the decision at 14 years old to search God out and get to know Him. I decided not to dwell on things that will pollute my soul. Ditch the porn. Guard your heart. Don’t take garbage in, no matter what it is. I have found a group of men that keep me accountable. I can share problems and concerns with them. I decided to be happy.

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