Shirt Buying Guide For Men Who Hate To Shop

Shirt Buying Guide for Men Who Hate to Shop

This may be a huge sweeping generalization but many men absolutely hate to shop. They’d much rather spend their weekends and free time doing anything – watching football, mowing the lawn, walking the dog, botching simple DIY tasks – than mooching around shops. Window shopping or browsing? They just don’t see the point. For these guys, there is no pleasure in shopping.

Nevertheless, all men need new stuff at some point and high on the list are clothes; perhaps more significantly, shirts – for work, home and socializing. Shirts lose shape and colour after a while, and wardrobes need refreshing and updating too. If you’re a man who hates to shop – or the partner of a guy who has an aversion to shopping and can’t drag him anywhere for love nor money – try these suggestions.

Shirt Buying Guide For Men Who Hate To Shop

Buy online

There’s often no need to physically go to a store at all, such is the volume of retailers now operating online. It’s a simple and pain-free process – fire up the laptop or tablet, browse, select, click and pay. No queuing, no packed shops, no other potential customers crowding you out, no sales assistants trying to upsell you a store card. In fact, it’s possible to order a new wardrobe of shirts with one eye on football and a drink in hand.

Buy a range

Need a new shirt for work? Then don’t stop at one and don’t buy on a need-for-need basis. Stock up for the remainder of the year. Yes, you’ll pay more in one go but all being well you won’t have go to shirt shopping again for at least 12 months. Buy a range of colours and styles from the same source – menswear specialists Dobell have an extensive choice, for example. Select colours that work with anything; get a white shirt, a pale blue, a darker blue, one with subtle vertical stripes, a pink or red one with a gingham check. You’ll be covered for any outfit.

Go early

Sometimes a trip to the shopping centre is unavoidable. If you have to go, think carefully about the time of your visit – Saturday at 3pm…the place will be packed. It will be a miserable experience. Instead, try Sunday mornings. In the UK most shops open at 10.30-11am but allow customers in to ‘browse’ half an hour before (although those laws might soon change). Generally, shops will be quiet at this time so take advantage of this by being there when they open. Get in, buy what you need, get out, and be home before most of the rest of the country are up and dressed.

Write a specific list and stick to it

Be focused on what you need to buy. Don’t just write ‘more shirts’ on a list and go stumbling around shops, hoping to find what you need. Jot down specifics – one white formal shirt, two short sleeved checked shirts, etc – and even, if possible, the stores you can find these in. Instead of wasting time browsing and deliberating over where to go, you can shop effectively and swiftly. Job done; until the next time.

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