7 Ways to Make it a Great New Year: A Resolve to Resolutions

Will this be your year? Honestly, it’s hard to claim that the new year will be your year. Life has a way of throwing a lot at you in the course of 365 days. But if there’s anything that’s universal to having a great year, I hope to aid with some advice.

New Year Resolutions

Looking back on 2017, I truly had a great year. I accomplished so much, did so much, met great people, and learned a lot along the way. I’m certain this will carry over into 2018.

Speaking of the new year, we always make resolutions to help encourage us to make the most out of the year, usually related towards self betterment. A better year has a lot to do with being a better man. And here’s why:

A resolve to resolutions in the new year

1. Your attitude makes all the difference.

Your attitude and mindset go hand in hand. If your attitude is positive towards the upcoming year, and your mindset matches, you will enter in to the new year with a lot more confidence. Simply put, if you do the task with a bad attitude, the task will be miserable. On the other hand, if you do it with a good attitude, the outcome is entirely different. Having a good and positive attitude towards something as big as a new year will alter the outcome of what your ’18 will be like, but you have to keep a good attitude and positive mindset throughout the entire year.

2. You won’t accomplish anything if you don’t do anything. 

Plenty of times I’ve set my mind towards doing something, and I’m incredibly committed to it, but I don’t actually do anything to move my commitment forward. I get stuck and then I don’t accomplish anything.

You can’t expect something from nothing. So, if you’re not doing anything, you’re not accomplishing anything. The new year is a new battleground of tasks, opportunities, and risks. But if you don’t pursue any of those things, then they won’t get you anywhere. You have to actively do things in order for the new year to be a great year.

3. You have to be ready for change and step out of your comfort zone. 

Everyone’s pretty excited about leaving their bubble of comfort in the new year, but it doesn’t take long for everyone to go back inside. One of the only ways you’re going to have a great year is if you’re willing to do great, new things. And that takes bravery.

Just like with not doing anything, if you’re not willing to do something with a good attitude and step outside of your comfort zone, then your new year will be filled with repetitive, dull and long days. That’s not the life you deserve.

If you want action, adventure, and perhaps even a beauty to rescue (Wild at Heart), you have to open the door of your own heart and step outside.

4. Don’t let the bad days hold you back. 

There are 365 days in a year, and unfortunately not every single one of them are going to go the way you hoped. Last year I went to Sky Zone with friends, one who was going to college soon, and I tore my meniscus (the cartilage in my knee). I was smart about the injury, but I had no idea what actually happened.

I had surgery in the middle of September, and now my knee is a lot better.

The moral of the short story: I had a really bad day that could have wrecked my entire year. But instead of wallowing in self pity, I was productive, and I didn’t let that hold me down.

5. Pursue being the best version of yourself that you can be. 

When I said the year comes down to you, this is how you’ll have a great year–by shaping yourself into the greatest you. Everyone has character flaws, bad habits and secrets, and throughout the course of the entire year you are given the opportunities you need to pursue your greatest self.

In the process of learning more about yourself, and building stronger character, you’ll see it directly affects the world around you. Relationships will grow, days will get better, and you’ll be more real and more alive.

6. Find God, or find more of Him. 

There’s something big out there looking down on you. Whether you’ve already found God, or haven’t yet, this is your time to truly get to know Him. Ultimately, your Creator has the ability to shake your world, or give you the life He knows you deserve.

A strong relationship with God allows you to tap into what it truly means to be a great man, and is key to building a solid foundation in your own character, directly improving your life and the entire year.

Spend more time with Him, pray often, and read His word. Talk to like minded individuals who will sharpen your faith. As you grow closer to God, the man inside of you will grow.

7. Set many different goals. . . And dream big. 

You’re given 365 days each year, which is plenty of time to dream. But it’s easy to get caught up on just one dream. I’m not saying that’s bad, but your level of productivity will increase with the more goals realistically obtainable. Don’t forget to set long term goals for the greater future of your life and work towards towards them starting today. If you want to be a millionaire, today’s the day to get started. You want a beach body? Today’s the day that begins.

The outcome of the year isn’t set in stone. It isn’t predetermined whether it will be the best or worst year of your life. That is dependent on what you do to alter the outcome.

If you’ve got a bad feeling about the new year, then change your perspective and find out what makes you think that. Then change your mind set.

If you’re confident 2018 will be your year, then do everything you can to make sure it is. There’s an infinite amount of outcomes, and you can do whatever it takes to breed the year you have in mind. This is your chance to own the new year.

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