Why An Ultimate Playlist Is Good for a Man’s Soul

Music can lift a man’s soul from the depths of misery to a new hope and outlook on life.

Why a Playlist is good for a man's soul

When you go through tough weeks, music is one of the things that can provide you with solace from the busy and overcrowded world. When you are celebrating a major milestone, it is the one thing you can always turn to for inspiration to enjoy the moment.

Music is the cup that holds the wine of silence. Sound is that cup, but empty. Noise is that cup, but broken.” Robert Fripp

Music has the power to motivate people, to create action when life is stagnant, to enable change when injustice abounds.

Music lifts the man’s soul.

One of my favourite movie scenes comes from Guardians of the Galaxy. Peter Quill’s walkman has tunes from his childhood that he plays on a loop. This was a simple reminder for him each day to keep the memory of Earth and his family alive. In some way music does this for each of us. We can turn on a tune and our minds are transported back to simpler and happier times. As a man of faith, I enjoy some good hymns, and I find that each time I hear them my mind is focused on why I believe what I believe.

Recently I was having this same conversation with a solid group of guys that have become strong brothers for me. One of these men had just been to a Kings Kaleidoscope concert and was telling us how much they meant to him. We discussed music which grabbed our heartstrings. We all seemed to come from different spectrums; some liked country music, and others more laid back chilled music, while a few of us liked hip hop, or our music hard, loud, and heavy. The thing that seemed to unite this conversation was that we all enjoyed music with strong lyrics that stood for something purposeful, and that every man needed a solid playlist to enjoy during those tough days and weeks…

It does not matter if you are having one of those weeks. We all have our ups and downs. However, every good guy needs an ultimate playlist. Here is a list of songs and bands that continually came out of that conversation: Kings Kaleidoscope’s “A Prayer.” Propaganda’s “Excellent.” August Burns Red’s, “King of Sorrows.” The bands: Page cxvi, Thrice, Red, Underoath, Theocracy…

Men need music in their lives. Music can lift a man’s soul when it’s broken and bruised. The man’s soul is made up of mind, heart/will, and emotions. Music touches these three areas in some way.

Music brings clarity to the mind

When you listen to something that sticks, you remember the lyrics. Those lyrics take on meaning and that meaning more often than not becomes a life ethos that you begin to live by. This is why I enjoy my hymns from church. Because they say something powerful about what I believe to be true. My mates all have breakup songs or tunes from their first dances with their wives. Those song lyrics have meaning because it describes their relationships and allow them to sing about what they want to put into words.

Music is a comfort to the heart

When I was younger my brother passed away. An Jars of Clay album got me through that tough period. Each time I heard “lift me up when I’m drowning” on Flood, these lyrics touched that raw emotion inside of me and helped with the healing process. Over the years, if I had a down day, I always returned to that same album to process what took place. In a major way, music helped me to move on.

Music is an outlet for emotions

Lastly, music is an outlet for emotion. When there are no words to say, and when you have no way of communicating how you feel during a circumstance that may arise, it is music that speaks where mere words fail. Music can give power to things not spoken and can fill the voids of heartache, joy, and happiness.

It is when words and melody penetrate a man’s soul that he may be surprised he finds healing in unexpected places.

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