Be a Mold Breaker: 3 Ways to Break the Law of Conformity

Do you see life as a mold to be filled…or a mold to be broken? Do you have what it takes to be a mold breaker?

mold breaker

Is life just one big mold? Is our fate just to fill it? Comfort zones, social circles, and lifestyles—they’re all molds, all deserving of being broken free from.

Society demands symmetry and a world that enforces a law of conformity, but a good guy knows that’s not what real living is like. The trick with molds, especially the really tough ones, is learning how to break them. By breaking them, however, you can become a mold breaker.

What is a mold breaker?

What does the mold breaker do and how does he make a difference? Here are three major ways you can be a mold breaker as a good guy:

1. Live now…outside of your comfort zone. 

Schedules, constant life, and anything that becomes overly habitual is a mold. Conforming, and even filling, these molds are only living safely…and that’s not really living. To truly live means doing things you’re not comfortable doing.

Breaking the mold means doing new things, letting go of what you already know in life, and accomplishing things beyond what’s expected. In order to become a Mold Breaker, though, you must start with small things.

After you’ve started mold breaking, you’ll experience a new sensation of satisfaction and accomplishment—you’ll experience living. 

2. Live life as your own mold. 

In your pursuit of breaking molds, you have to recognize that your own life becomes a mold you’re leaving behind for others to either conform or break. Yet, as it is a mold of your setting, make sure you’re constantly resetting it. Change it, grow it, expand it, then destroy it.

Look at the mold you set yesterday, evaluate what happened, and decide what you can do differently. Be better, be stronger, and be greater. Conquer your life. As long as you have breath within, you can improve. It will be a grind, and you’ll have to learn to love it.

Being a mold breaker is a difficult path, but it’s reward is GREATNESS.

3. Set a mold others will want to break. 

In order to make a difference, we have to leave our accomplishments behind when we finally depart from the land of the living. But, death cannot keep you from accomplishing something greater when someone else picks up your torch.

We should keep the satisfaction under our belts, but we should the ego behind us. And in doing so, we’re setting a mold for others to break.

Your pride will make being a mold breaker difficult. Seeing others doing better than what we did will be a challenge in and of itself for us. But, think of it this way, someone took their time—a part of their life—to break your mold, something that signifies your accomplishments. Think of it as an intrinsic honor.

And when they break your mold, even better. You helped push that person without even knowing it. 

And your path as a Mold Breaker begins. 

So many men are taking life as it is, without question and evaluation. We often go with the flow, but we should be walking against it, even if it’s a tidal wave.

go against the flow

Life becomes boring, repetitive and, unfortunately, the same. This can be changed—it can be avoided.

The easiest way to break free? Be a Mold Breaker: break the stereotype, the molds, the safety, the fear, and find freedom to be who you’re meant to be; perhaps even the person you’ve been hiding under all of the molds.

I’m asking a lot of you, but you’re capable of enduring the challenge. It’s something we can all strive to accomplish, myself included. And we just have to start, right here, right now, so we can finally break free.

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