8 Ways a Guy Can Maximize Singleness in High School

Seasons will come when love is a lot more absent than we’d prefer, but it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. You can maximize singleness. Everyone is going to be without a significant other at some point, but what makes the difference is how you treat the time.

maximize singleness

How can you maximize singleness? First, you have to learn what makes it such an important part of life—a period of time necessary for us all to walk through.

Singleness can really blow, especially when everyone else has a significant other attached to their side.

In all honesty, it depends on how you look at it. And hopefully these eight points on how to maximize singleness will change your perspective.

1. You’re a free man. 

No emotional ties, no guilt in flirting, and no jealousy. By free, you’re unattached, and free to discover what you like and what you don’t.

You can talk to whoever you want, and until you’ve committed to one person, you can go on multiple dates. You have options, and you can explore them freely.

Singleness allows you to be friends with any girl you’d like and this offers more choices. You can have fun and enjoy the moment.

2. You have endless Bro-Time. 

With singleness, your free time is open to spend with your bros. These friendships are some of the most beneficial you can engage in because they’ll grow you as a person. They will help you thrive and become someone greater provided you surround yourself with other good guys.

Your brothers—by blood and iron—sharpen you, and you’ll sharpen them, and you’ll find family in the process.

3. Do guy things. 

Lift a ton of weights, go on adventures, eat a ton of hamburgers, blow something up. Better yet, do these things with your guy friends, because it’ll amplify the effect.

This is your time, use it wisely, and don’t be so caught up in finding the perfect match.

4. Learn a lost art. 

Go out there, get involved, and discover a new hobby—learn how to play a musical instrument, do martial arts, take up writing, pick up a new sport, or even join a local robotics club if that’s your passion.

Find a new passion, because right now, while you’re single, your time isn’t consumed by dates and spending lots of quality time with your girlfriend. You can use it for extracurricular activities. Take advantage of it.

And a little pro-tip, having a passion is really attractive. 

5. Focus on yourself. 

DISCLAIMER: I don’t mean selfishly. Maybe you’re not the greatest guy and struggle with a few bad habits. Now is the time to fix those things.

Right now you have the advantage to take initiative and do something about yourself. Do this before a girl comes walking your way and your insecurities and lack of potential self confidence scare her away. You can avoid that because you’re fixing those things before you even meet her.

Grow as a person, expand your character traits, and become someone you’ve always wanted to be. Now is that time.

6. Become her dream guy.

Just like you imagine the ideal girlfriend—what she’ll look like, what kind of personality traits she’ll have, and all the other things that makes her attractive—girls are imagining what their ideal boyfriend will be like.

One day she’s going to walk through those doors, and because you focused on building yourself a solid foundation, she’ll look at you, and see her dream guy right there, in front of her, standing in your shoes.

7. Be a family man now. 

Maybe you have siblings. Maybe you’re the oldest. That means small people are looking up to you, and they don’t want their hero to go out and spend the rest of his family days intertwined with a girl anyhow.

Take this time to show your sisters how Prince Charming should treat them. Give some solid advice to your younger brothers as to what being a good guy really is all about. Help mom out with the household chores. Build a bond with your dad that won’t ever break. Father—son relationships are some of the greatest out there; don’t miss out on them because once the opportunity leaves, it’s gone.

8. Focus on your studies. 

High school is for academic studies and focusing on earning everything you have in order to entertain a potential carrier option. 

Lots of others might be dating, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to end up together forever (most likely not). Focus on learning and expanding your cranial capacity so it can hold more knowledge. Don’t be so concerned about dating. You’re not thirty. 

Your brain is like a sponge, and it won’t always be like that. 

This is your time to become who you really are.

After considering these eight points, hopefully you can maximize singleness now. Perhaps you even see the value in it.

I have accepted singleness even though I don’t prefer it. I’d love to love someone, but because I see everything else, I can focus on growth instead. I’m not depressed because I’m single.

If it hasn’t been said already, then I will now—maximize singleness to its fullest.

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