A Letter On How To Be A Man To My 15 Year Old Self


A Letter On How To Be A Man To My 15 Year Old Self

Dear Will,

Oh, your name is Will now. You change it to Will when you go to college and it’s the best decision you ever make. I’m writing to tell you what you need to know to be a man. So listen carefully, and this will put you ahead of most of guys around you.

When you go to college, you get to finally be you. People start to pay attention to you and you dress in crazy clothes and you start to learn what it’s like to be a man. You’re going to learn that being a man means three things: to lead, provide and protect.

I know you’re a little scared of leading but trust me, it’s not as hard as it seems. Eventually, you’ll be hiring and firing people and you’re going to do both really well. In fact, the first person you fire is going to end up thanking you! You’re going to work for a supermodel who makes $90M a year and she’s going to ask you to be her voice and make decisions that affect over 200 people, and you’re going to love it. So, don’t be scared. Just keep trying to be a leader until you’re a leader. That’s the secret.

I know you really take the role of “provider” seriously. You don’t believe in dating until you’re financially stable. But what that means is that you’re not going to start dating until you’re almost 30. Yes, 30!!! You have this idea that you have to be making at least six figures before you are a real provider and therefore, qualified to date. That’s kind of silly but I’m not going to discourage it because if you start dating in your 20s, it’s never going to work out. For you, your 20s are all about your career, but I like that you take the role of providing so seriously.

You’re not going to believe this, but you truly are a protector. In fact, after you change your name to Will, you discover that William actually means “protector.” You’re going to spend 10 years being really hard on yourself because you feel like you didn’t do a good enough job protecting your mother. You did. And as soon as you realize that, the rest of your life will begin. She ends up meeting an incredible man. And guess what his name is? Bill. Yep, this now makes it the third Bill she’s been married to. Just go with it because he’s awesome. In terms of protecting, you’re going to get close to being in some fights to stand up for your friends and also a couple of strangers. You don’t have to be afraid. In the moment, your primal instincts take over and nothing can stop you. You’ll see.

You’re 35 now and you still have a lot to learn but you’re the sexiest bald guy I know. Oh, I hate to break to you but you’re bald now. You’re going to make a lot of terrible decisions, even at 35. (Stay out of laundry rooms at parties in the Hollywood Hills!) Honestly, I could tell you what people or situations to avoid but it’s not going to matter. You’re hellbent on doing what you want to do. That’s your biggest problem. And you’re going to pay the consequences for it. But that’s how life works. Well, that’s how your life is going to work. All I can say is try to use it for good. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable because others can learn from your mistakes.

One more thing. When you’re working for Tyra on her talk show, one day there’s going to be a blonde girl that repeatedly smiles at you from the back row of the audience. After the show, you’re going to run into her in the hallway. GET. HER. NUMBER!!!!


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