How To Create Resolutions That Will Last For 2016

How to create resolutions that will last for 2016

Much like diet fads, New Year’s resolutions are short-lived. We’re going to discuss how to create resolutions that will last for 2016.

The moment is upon us. I dread the gym in January. New Year’s resolutions cause long lines on the benchpress, squat rack, and any other normally in-demand equipment. Come February, it’s like December again…all is calm, all is bright.

Do you want to be one of the few who’s resolution makes it past February and beyond? Here are some tidbits to consider.

It Takes A Village

I’m often told, “I don’t know how you do it all.” I’m confused by this question because I’m no different than anyone else. I’ve got a lot on my plate like many men out there. My mix might be different, but I know guys who are great fathers, run businesses, or even work several jobs.

I’m a good husband to my wife, I run this website and social media, I wrote a book, I lead a large men’s group in LA, I’m a top salesmen and trainer in my company, and I never miss a gym day.

If I take a moment and think about what sets me apart, it’s because I don’t do it alone. Everything I do comes with a team. This great life race is lonely enough. For me, there’s really no success when I think I can do something all on my own.

Without my village, my tribe, my team…I’m reduced to a pile of anxiety. I find the right people to do life with. In the same sense, you need a team to create sustainable New Year’s resolutions.

Find Men To Walk Alongside You

Here and there, I’ll workout alone. But, I have tendency to be a little lazy, spend time on my phone, or cut my workout short. Working out with Pierson Fode cuts my distractions. If you are making a resolution to workout, but you’ve never done it before, you need accountability.

Let’s rewind to my freshman year of college for a moment. I used to be incredibly skinny. I would’ve done anything to put on size…only I didn’t.

My best friend Ricky used to force me to workout. Ricky was huge and muscular. I was smart and skinny. I remember him marching into my dorm room yelling, “Get up!”

Lounging on my bean bag, I’d say, “I’m studying. I have a Calculus test tomorrow— maybe next time.”

He’d knock my books and notes away, yank me up, and we were off to the gym. At first, I hated working out. After three months I saw zero results. I didn’t get the point.

That summer, however, my friends and family took notice.

“What happened to your chicken legs?” Mom asked.

I can’t tell you when I started putting on size. I just went to the gym each day, and lo and behold–muscles began bursting out.

Try doing that on your own. It’s easy to give up when you put effort in to something and see nothing as a result. Bring an accountable friend into the picture, however, and they’ll make sure you stay on task.

Resolutions aren’t  enough. You need someone to hold you to it every single day.

Align With Your Higher Purpose

Are your New Year’s resolutions aligned with your life goals? I’m disciplined, but far less likely to continue down a path if it doesn’t bring me fulfillment.

One year, I made a New Year’s resolution to become an amazing guitar player. At the time, I was leading music at church, and this resolution just made sense. I had a great music team around me, a good guitar teacher for accountability, and consistently played for several years.

Today, however, it’s been two years since I’ve picked up my expensive Martin guitar.

I have no regrets for devoting that time to playing, but it was a hobby. Guitar playing wasn’t aligned to my life’s purpose. You may be wondering,

How do I know my life’s purpose?

That’s a tough one, but you might find a trail when you look back over your life or even your family’s lives.

Writing isn’t my life purpose, but I’ve consistently been a men’s group leader of some sort. It’s in my DNA. Both my father and uncle were fraternity presidents in college. My grandfather led many men’s groups like the Shriner’s, the Elk’s Lodge, etc. I can trace a strong leadership history in my genealogy.

I started a Theta Chi chapter in college, led Young Life groups, started a large Los Angeles men’s group, and through the years, led bible studies through various ministries. At the time, I didn’t think these were aligned to my life’s purpose, they were just things I did. I found fulfillment and enjoyment by doing them.

So, while writing might not be my favorite, I do it because I find fulfillment knowing I’m reaching a lot of guys out there. It’s 100% aligned to my purpose.

In other words, when all else fails, you need resolutions that will be ignited by your passions first and foremost.

I hope these few tips help you in writing your New Year’s resolutions for 2016. I’ve heard some people talk trash on making resolutions, but it’s always beneficial to write down short-term and long-term goals. Keep track of them too. Last year, I wrote resolutions for 2015. Go back and see what you’ve accomplished, and if you didn’t accomplish any of them, make some adjustments to ensure you’ll complete them in 2016.

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