How to Be an In-Flight Gentleman

In-flight gentleman

Ivanka Trump was harassed while traveling with her children by a college professor on a JetBlue flight. A YouTube sensationalist claims he was kicked off of a Delta flight for speaking in Arabic. An angry traveler yelled at an airline employee due to missing her flight at LAX.

Holiday travel stress is a real thing, but a gentleman should rise above the crass. Today we’ll explore how to be an in-flight gentleman.

1. Turn your music device down.

No one should be able to hear what’s playing on your device. If someone next to you can hear what’s coming from your ear phones, the volume is too high or you need new headphones.

2. Keep your voice down.

Talking loudly is annoying to everyone around you. If you’re having a conversation with someone, keep your voice down. Yelling and shouting will get you kicked off of a flight…no matter what language you are using.

3. Offer to help someone with their luggage

…in the event they are struggling to get it in the overhead compartment. It might be a woman with children, an elderly woman, or it might be someone disabled or injured. Don’t get frustrated or yell at them. It could be your mother, sister, or brother. Be empathetic. Not everyone wants help, though, so ask before you proceed.

4. Keep your body parts to yourself

Recently someone was waiting to use the restroom and they stood in the aisle with their butt practically in my face. Be aware of how your body might be invading the space of others.

It can be annoying if your knees or feet are resting or pushing on the seat in front of you. It’s also rude if your knees or feet are invading the space of your neighbor.

5. Give up your seat for families and couples

Try to accommodate families and couples who want to sit together. If you have an exit row seat or if they want you to move to a middle seat, you can decline the request. But, trading equal seats is easy and polite.

6. Armrests

This one time I was in the middle seat and my neighbor decided to lift the armrest. I put it back down again. Generally, the middle seat gets the arm rests.

7. Be respectful to airline employees

The airport was crazy the other night. Holiday travel was up and so were the delays and gate changes. Some of the airline employees were berated for factors outside of their control. Everyone deserves mutual respect.

8. Only put 1 item in the overhead bin.

A few days ago, I was in Group 2 boarding and the overhead bins were already full! So many people had to check their bags. I noticed much of the overhead space above my seat was taken up by coats and scarves. Be considerate of other travelers.

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