How To Be A Nutri-Ninja This Holiday Season


What is a Nutri-Ninja? Well, he/she is one who uses the way of the ninja and applies it to nutrition. A very simple concept, but when you master this you will make it through all the difficult holiday parties looking good, and feeling great about the choices you made.

How to be a Nutri-Ninja during the holiday season? First, 3 characteristics of a Nutri-Ninja:

1. A Nutri-Ninja sets goals.
Granted the holidays are upon us already, and most individuals have the all-or-none mentality when it comes to nutrition. We either are on a very strict diet and only eat cabbage or we swing the pendulum the complete other way and eat anything and everything saying, “I will start January 1st.”

A Nutri-Ninja takes goals seriously and knows what they want when it comes to nutrition. They write them down. For example: no sugary drinks, less fried food, more lean meat, more greens… you get the picture. Oddly enough, no one has seen a Nutri-Ninja diet, but when is the last time you’ve seen a ninja?

2. A Nutri-Ninja always has a plan.
Like any great warrior a Nutri-Ninja knows that goals are only as good as the execution of them. Every Nutri-Ninja has a plan of attack to achieve their goals and this plan must be on point when the holidays come around. Ninjas know how to party and have fun don’t get me wrong, so don’t think that because you are making smart choices you have to sacrifice taste. On the contrary, the execution of your plan will allow you to stay within those parameters that you have set before you get to the event. For example, I will allow myself to eat a slice of cake, or I will allow myself to have a drink. Yet you know before going in what you are planning on doing, and this will save you from overindulging.

3. A Nutri-Ninja is stealthy
The great thing about being a Nutri-Ninja is that people will never know that you actually have your nutrition under tight control. They’ll see you at events and office parties eating and drinking as things are normal. However, you know that because of goal setting and having a plan of execution your nutrition is in check. So it’s ok to eat that cookie, because the rest of your week has been incognito to everyone else as to how well you are doing with your nutrition.

Now, Nutri-Ninja’s actually are allowed to recruit other willing individuals to the cause of being healthy and fit.
PS. Ninjas wear black for a reason!

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