How To Approach A Girl [Podcast]


Some guys resort to Game or Neediness when they approach a girl because they aren’t confident enough in themselves to be natural. Neither of these techniques will work if you are looking for a long-term relationship.

You can subscribe to your own made-up nice guy habits, or you can join the Reddit Red Pill Community “manosphere” and learn negging. Bottom line is, where are the results? At the end of the day or even ten years of your life, what have any of these techniques done for you? You can believe you’re making progress by sleeping with a bunch of girls, but is this what you want to bring to the table when you finally meet the one you want to spend the rest of your life with? She might offer some grace and stick around, or she might run away disgusted.

The only way to approach a girl is to be yourself.

“When you are yourself, she will be comfortable being herself.” @GoodGuySwagger (Click To Tweet)

“Just be yourself.” What exactly does that mean? It means to be natural. Generally, when a guy sees a crazy hot girl across the room, inadequate feelings start coming to the surface, and this need arises to impress her. In effect, he’s ashamed of himself, so he puts on an act, and he then either acts cocky or needy.

Welcome to Episode 6 of Relationships Radio.

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In this episode, you will discover the importance of: 

  • Having confidence in yourself and your ability to make conversation.
  • Looking beyond her appearance

“Don’t get caught up in her appearance. Get to know her as a person.” @GoodGuySwagger (Click To Tweet)

  • Making her feel safe by not being awkward.

“Pursue her, don’t pressure her.“ @GoodGuySwagger (Click To Tweet)

If you’re interested in a healthy relationship, then be authentic.

Boundaries are healthy. You already have expectations of what you want. Men generally know what they want in girlfriend or a wife, but beauty blinds.

When a girl is hot, a guy is willing to look beyond the red flags. Don’t. Have some expectations, and stick to them.

Many guys are scared of rejection. This episode will also help you:

  • Get over the fear of rejection
  • Decipher between good and bad rejections
  • Understand hard and soft rejections

When it comes to dating, there will be doors shut you won’t be able to open, and there will be open doors that you won’t be able to shut. This is a good thing. Don’t lose hope. A good plan’s been written for you. Become a better man, be your natural self, and you will attract the right woman.

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  1. Guest September 19, 2014 at 4:52 pm #

    Great stuff you guys! First time listening to your podcasts, I’m actually downloading them all right now. Thanks for all the work you do, God bless brother!

  2. Joe Staller September 19, 2014 at 4:56 pm #

    Great podcast! First time listening to you guys and I’m hooked, downloading all of your posted casts right now. Thank you both for your encouragement and wisdom!

  3. Joe Staller September 19, 2014 at 4:58 pm #

    First time listening and I’m hooked! Subscribed today and will be looking for more of your podcasts. Thank you for all you both do, God bless!

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