9 Holiday Party Etiquette Tips to be The Life of the Party

holiday party etiquette

The Christmas season is upon us and, with it, comes all the fun and laughter. My favorite part? The parties! But, are you aware of holiday party etiquette?

I’m a party animal. No matter how tired I am, I’m going to a get together with a bunch of friends. Whether you’re extroverted like me or not, chances are you’ll be making it to a few parties in the coming month. This is a list of important dos and don’ts to make sure you’re king of holiday party etiquette.

Do talk to people.

It’s a party; social interaction is the point. Get to know people! You can make quite a few awesome connections and, even if you don’t, you can still have a good time. Maybe you’ll bounce from one person to the next or maybe you’ll have a fascinating interaction with one person. Either way, don’t just sit in the corner to watch and never join in.

Do make people feel welcome.

Even if it’s not your party, put yourself out there and make others feel comfortable, especially if you know everyone else there. Have you ever gone to a party where you knew nobody but the host, and there was that one guest who you had an amazing conversation with, and they saved you from feeling completely out of place? You could be that person to someone else. Don’t rule others out just because you don’t know them.

Do engage in the conversation.

If people are swapping funny stories, include yours and tell it with confidence. Embarrassing stories can actually work to your advantage. Don’t, however, dominate the conversation. A coworker once told me that I always talk as if I’m on a stage. It works great at parties, but only when I don’t hog the conversation for more than a minute or two. I’m definitely guilty of giving more of a presentation than a quick story.

Do eat the food.

Cleaning up afterwards is no fun, so I look at it as the less there is to clean, the better. Just don’t eat all of the food early on in the night. There are other people at the party, too.

Do bring a gift for the hostess.

Parties are a lot of work, so a gift or platter of desserts to help out can go a long way in showing your appreciation. Don’t show up empty handed.

Do arrive and leave at respectable times.

I’m a come early, leave late type of guy. But, when the party’s over, it’s over. Don’t overstay your welcome.

Do dress accordingly.

Different parties have different formalities of dress, but always abide by those rules. If the party is black tie, that means wear a tux and bow tie. If the party is semi formal, wear a suit. Even if the party is a casual affair, err on the side of caution. Don’t show up underdressed.

Do talk about yourself if people ask and are interested.

If they want to get to know you, then by all means, tell them. But, don’t prolong conversations about yourself in order to brag about your accomplishments. It gets old really fast.

Do thank the host and hostess for having you.

I leave you with three DON’Ts

Don’t leave without saying goodbye and thanking people.

DON’T bring up politics.

I’m a debater and love arguing and counter arguing. I think there’s a place for debate and politics in conversations, but not at a party, especially if you’re a guest.

DON’T be on your phone.

It’s best to leave it in your pocket the whole time unless an emergency comes up.

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