How a Guy Should Dress for a Fine Dining First Date

how a guy should dress for a fine dining first date

What should I wear on a first date?

The answer largely depends on where you go.

Clover, a dating app, determined chain restaurants are some of the most popular first date spots. After analyzing data from over 200,000 users, Clover determined Starbucks is the top spot for a first date (not a bad choice to meet up for coffee). Coming in second? Chipotle. In these cases, you’ll be fine with almost any casual look.

I remember strongly contemplating Chick Fil A for my first date with Kristen until one of my best friends encouraged me to take it up a notch. The first date, much like a first job interview, is all about putting your best foot forward. In most cases, it’s better to over impress than underwhelm.

Today, we’re going to discuss how a guy should dress for a fine dining first date. I sat down with JB Clothiers owner Jerry for some dress pointers.

Jerry has dressed athletes, actors, and politicians for the red carpet, but his passion is helping the everyday man. For his first date, he took his girlfriend to Ago, a fine-dining restaurant in Los Angeles, CA. Later, they attended a fashion show.

Wear a Suit

Jerry opted for a charcoal gray suit with a white shirt. He explains a solid gray or blue suit is the foundation of a good wardrobe. You can “dress it up or dress it down” depending on the occasion. These colors are versatile.

While a black suit might seem like an obvious choice for your first suit purchase, it’s typically worn to weddings and funerals. A charcoal gray suit might be your best bet. A gray suit is your power suit. Or, it can by your everyday, going out to dinner jacket. It can be paired with almost any color shirt and can be worn with brown or black shoes. The lighter the gray, the more casual the look.

Blues are your “flattering” colors that almost every guy looks good in. Navy conveys a more fashionable, youthful look. It can also be worn with black or brown shoes.

A striped suit conveys authority, but its uses are more restricted. A pin stripe suit is not appropriate for casual or ultra-formal wear. It’s best worn for work or work meetings.

Don’t Forget the Details

Pocket Square

When you look around most environments, very few suits are also sporting a pocket square. In fact, most of the suits you’ll see without handkerchiefs haven’t even bothered to cut open the breast pocket on the jacket. You can immediately enhance your style, and your status in the room, with a pocket square. It can be as simple and classic as a bright white handkerchief folded and tucked. Advanced players can opt for more colors, patterns, and folds when desired.pocket square, French cuff links.


Cuffs are a great way individualize your look. Wearing them can convey you pay attention to detail. Gold or silver cufflinks are great if you’re wearing a suit, even without a tie. Silk knots can be used with a more casual look.

Keep her Informed

Even if you opt to surprise her with the location, make sure to inform her about the dress attire. A fine dining first date can be a memorable evening if planned and communicated effectively in advance.

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