Good Guy Meme: Our Top 10 Favorite Good Guy Greg Memes

Back in 2011, a viral good guy meme came to prominence on Reddit. Each good guy meme used the same picture of “Good Guy Greg” smoking with a tale of his good deeds. The original meme had the caption “Sleeps on your couch / makes breakfast.”

good guy meme

While interest and searches for this meme have waned over the past few years, you can sift through some of the memes of old and find some honest characteristics of a good guy. Here are some of our favorite good guy memes:

1. The Good Guy Loves the Friend Zone

2. The Good Guy Respects Privacy

3. The Good Guy is a Servant Leader

4. The Good Guy is Respectful, not Entitled

5. The Good Guy Gives Up His Seat

Good Guy gives up his seat

6. The Good Guy Shares

7. The Good Guy has an Opinion, Honors Others

8. The Good Guy is There for his Friends

9. The Good Guy Goes Over & Beyond

For #10, we decided it’s time to highlight a good guy with true good guy actions under his belt. We recently did an interview with Adam August and discussed how he met a homeless man at Starbucks. Through building a friendship, Adam helped this man, Tariq, get a job. He also set up a GoFundMe account. Through these efforts, Tariq was able to make it back home to be with his family in Jamaica.

We created a meme of Adam to showcase his good guy quality.

10. The Good Guy Cares About the Homeless

Good Guy Cares about homeless

While searches for good guy memes have waned over the past few years, perhaps we can start a revival? The world could use some more examples of what it means to be a good guy. More importantly, we all need true good guy role models. I’m including Adam’s pic below. Make a good guy meme. Let’s make being a good guy a viral phenomenon.

Good Guy Adam

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