You vs You: 7 Ways to Win the Fight Against Yourself

The world makes us feel we’re constantly fighting wars. New threats and competitions arise each day. The fight against another man appears to prove our worth and that we’re better than they are. The truth is, the only fight we should be concerned about is the war against ourselves. The only person you have to prove you’re better than is yourself. Fight yourself. It’s you vs you.

Fight yourself

If you want to accept the challenge to fight yourself, here are 7 strategies to win.

1. Stop fighting against your brothers. 

The only man to pit yourself against is yourself. The more you war against friends and family, the more you’re destroying and hurting yourself, along with them.

Competition is natural, but an obsession to beat everyone just to prove you’re the greatest doesn’t prove anything. Someone will always be one step ahead of you. That’s okay. You can’t beat everyone, and you shouldn’t want to.

2. Recognize the real threat. 

You’re your own greatest threat—you are the enemy. That’s why you must’ve fight yourself.

I don’t want this article to turn into a thread of self hate, but rather a realization that you’re the only thing that’s holding you back. Once you recognize what the threat is, you can devise a plan of attack. If you’re able to overcome yourself…your mind, your body, you will be capable of accomplishing and doing great things.

Overcome yourself

3. Analyze what you’re up against. 

Your competition is you. It really can’t get much harder than that. You have to defeat what you’ve already done and the habits you’ve formed. Analyze the enemy and gauge what you have to do to be better than him. Perhaps yesterday wasn’t the best day. Today boasts the opportunity to do better.

4. Learn how to fight your past self. 

The only person I have to be better than is who I was yesterday.

What a great quote to live by—it’s one I’m constantly trying to master. The fight is outdoing, and being better; not mentally beating yourself up because you’ve made mistakes you could’ve avoided. It’s all about avoiding present mistakes. You already know your every move, because you’ve already made them.

Sometimes you’ll give yourself one heck of a day to beat, and not everyday you’ll beat him. A battle lost is not the end of the war.

5. Attack when he’s strongest. 

This is a tricky one. What do I mean by attack when he’s strongest? You’re not going to grow if you only out do the little things. You grow during resistance training…when you beat your strongest, greatest accomplishments. You grow when you do things you previously couldn’t, or at least thought you couldn’t.

Some of the things you’ve gone through in life may have been dark times, but you survived. You grew, and because of it, when it happens again, even in greater difficulty, you can do it again.

6. Fight yourself now. 

I can’t. How many times a day do we tell ourselves those two little, destructive words? Probably a lot more than we realize. We’re never going to win if mentally we’re preparing ourselves for failure. It doesn’t just consist in fighting what was, but what is present. Because there are things you’re not going to want to do, but that you can do. You just have to get up and do them. The feeling of accomplishment afterwards makes the fight worthwhile.

7. Prepare for the fight to come. 

The one thing you may not realize is everything you’re doing today, all the things you’re accomplishing against your past self, will one day be your next fight. You’ll have to fight against your today’s self just like all of your yesterdays. This isn’t something you’ll easily be able to adapt in everyday life, but I just want you to know you’re growing your next boss fight.

Don’t live in a “better luck next time” mentality. Instead live in one that encourages you to do it now, to your best ability. Because one day all of what you’ve done, you’ll be able to out do your today. You’ll be able to win.

You Vs You is a popular term used in the gym, and something I’ve lived by during my own weight lifting sessions.

The reason you can apply “you vs you” in everyday life is the same reason so many bodybuilders use it—it’s all about mind over matter. Once you mentally recognize you can do something, you physically increase your chances of doing so. 

You say you can’t, but you have to tell yourself you can. That’s the fight. That’s what you’re up against. Your yesterdays were filled with can’ts, so let your today and tomorrows be filled with can’s.

You can, and you will. 

Hopefully your eyes are that much more open, and the concept of you vs you is a little more clear now, and you understand how to fight the fight against yesterday, beat yourself today, and find the way to climb beyond your greatest tomorrow’s.

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